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Happy National Dog Day!

3818728900?profile=originalHappy National Dog Day to Fido and Friskie and all their Humans too!

Did you know that there are MORE dogs and cats teaching their humans how to love and take care of them (read, "train them") than there are people in America?

Did you know that the (Beloved) Pet industry is approaching a TRIPLE Billion dollar Industry?

Did you know that MORE of our beloved Pets are DYING from adulterated or toxic ingredient foods (NOT JUST coming in from China!) than people killed in Auto Accidents each year?

In honor of National Dog Day we are Gifting an incredible new for 2014 Ebook on Pet Nutrition you will want to read to prolong many more happy years with Fido and/or Friskie.


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RS Mallory has 30 years of Full Time marketing Experience after a 25 year career as a teacher, spending years as an Advocate for Distributors, training, traveling and building teams.

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    Thank you Stephen, Timothy and Sandy.  You are all are welcome to download the excellent What's New for 2014 ebook on Pet Nutrition & how to keep your beloved pets healthy, my treat. It's especially important in lieu of all the deaths from China pet foods. Enjoy & feel free to pass it on to other pet lovers ;-)

  • interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

  • Love this post!

  • National Dog Day - what fun!  These cuties defintely deserve a party!  Thanks for sharing, RS.

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    Carolyn, Pekenese are so cute ;-) My cousin had one. So Smart, too. Merle, dogs have been used for years to alert us of all kinds of things. It speaks Volumes about YOU that your poochie does those things for you. It tells me that he/she is BONDED with you and Loves you allot ;-) I miss my little mini schnauzer. He lived to be 18.

    Feel free, ladies to download the free ebook about Nutrition in 2014 to help you with your beloved pets, and you may share with others too! RS in Austin

  • Very interesting Carolyn and totally agree our dogs can teach us a few things.  One of mine is very clever and lets me know when I get a text message, a phone call or someone at the door.  That is when I don't hear them.  Thanks for sharing.

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    Interesting National Dog Day it is good. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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