Have you ever noticed that when you are in a negative frame of mind, you can actually justify it, in fact you can more than justify it,

you love it,

you feel connected to it,

it’s apart of something you know so well, 

you are not going to let it go for anyone,

not even yourself. 


What I mean when I say this, is when you are in a bad space and your head is in turmoil with all this negative crap that won’t leave you alone, somehow, there is a part of you that is enjoying it.

As bizarre as this sounds I have experienced this myself, and have caught myself out even trying to justify it, even when I know I am trying to justify it. You hate this feeling but somehow you can justify it, the fact is, being a victim feels good because it allows you to vent some pent up anger.


The ego loves drama, but more than anything else the ego loves you… oh yes 

ME MYSELF AND I. ……OH how that sounds divine, ME MYSELF AND I.

Never does that sound better than when you are feeling sorry for yourself, this is ego at it’s best.

Feeling like the world has cheated you,

feeling like everyone gets what they want but you.  

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  • Yes, Rhonda and Chris, we must be careful not to fall int the trap of negative thinking and feeling sorry for ourselves. We must keep moving forward in a positive state...

  • I can relate to this.  We do like to have those pity parties.  Really enjoyed reading.  Keep up the good work.

  • Brilliant, love it. Thanks for sharing and yes can relate to this.
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