Have you heard of Edward Leedskalnins Coral Castle?

Edward Leedskalnins Coral Castle

There is a castle made entirely of huge blocks of limestone, it is near Miami Florida. You are wondering yep what’s so impressive about that? It is claimed that a single man built it alone, using only simple hand tools.

The man’s name was Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951). Born in Latvia.

The mystery is so thick on this topic, that every website you visit, has a different take on how Edward built it, and how the stones were moved.

When asked how he managed to move large limestone blocks, Edward simply replied that he understood the laws of weight and leverage.

Have you heard of Edward Leedskalnins Coral Castle?

Edward Leedskalnin

At the age of 28 It is said Edward became engaged to a 16-year old girl namedAgnes Scuffs, whom he refereed to as his “Sweet Sixteen.” The day before their wedding Edward was told by his love Agnes that because of his age and financial instability she no longer wanted to marry him.

Devastated he left his home land and traveled working here and there until finally arriving in Florida.

Edward purchased an acre of ground in Florida City for $12. Apparently Edward had made and saved enough money from his labors while traveling that this allowed him to work on his castle.

Edward single-handedly and without heavy machinery moved 1,000 tons of limestone and created a castle.

He made numerous furniture pieces including rocking chairs, beds, a well and also a table, sundial, a fountain and throne. In most of his works each carving and piece is made from a single stone.

The tallest stones reach 25 feet, while the heaviest rock weighs nearly 30 tons. Using no compound or mortar, the massive stones, when combined together, are held in place by their own weight.

Coral Castle

Edwards Home

The average weight of the stones is about 14 tons each. With these huge rocks, Edward built walls, erected a tower and a 22-ton obelisk.

Around 1936 Edward moved his Rock Gate Park to a new location “now called Coral Castle”, about 10 miles north of Florida city to a town called Homestead, how he did this, nobody knows.

Some say it took him 3 years, using the aid of a truck, tractor and trailer, some say he did it over night.

There are only a few accounts of sightings of the shift itself, facts are very distorted and all information I could find says something different.

In all account no body really knows how he moved Tons of stone to his new location. Once at his new location he then reconstructed the castle. There was one account of a young boy whom in the night said he saw Edward, saying that Edward had his arms raised directing this huge stone, the boy says the stone seems to float and was manipulated simply by the direction in which Edward wanted it to go.

Edward had been heard saying that he could move these huge stones by directing this “perpetual electromagnetic energy”, he could easily manipulate the large stones.

Have you heard of Edward Leedskalnins Coral Castle?

Mirrored Image Overlays

The massive rocks would then be floated into place. Edward is quoted as saying he had “found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders of Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons.”

A tour of Coral Castle can be seen here.

Edward died alone in hospital, taking with him all his knowledge. He had lived in poverty in his stone castle for years hardly making ends meet.

He was at one stage approached by the military in regards to his technologies but refused to give anymore information but that he understood the laws of weight and leverage.

An extraordinary man with the most disciplined mind. It took a life time of dedication to build this amazing place.

Like many men before him, Edward Leedskalnins had an insight into something that allures most of us with curiosity and amazement. Coral Castle has an enchantment about it that remains long after it’s builder has passed away.

Edward wrote a number of Pamphlets while he worked on his castle, included are:

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