Have Your Dreams Come True?


When I was young I would have dreams that would be like deja vu the next day or so it would happen. Now that I'm older I don't get as much as I did when I was young but I still get em. 

One morning I was dreaming about my cousin that was in the army, he was in Baghdad. In my dream he was driving a truck with his group. They stopped on a mine and as they were getting out it blew up. 

Before they were getting out in my dream I was there telling them to stop! I saw his face, looked like they were talking and laughing. My cousin was a fun loving guy, always joking around. 

I woke up crying and it felt so real. Later on I got online to check my email and I got an email from my older brother telling me that our cousin had died the same way that was in my dream is what he told me in the email.  

I've always had Business dreams:

I have always dreamed of having my own business. I want to be able to do more in life then just working a job that barely pays. I always had big dreams about doing something awesome in my life. I love to help others. I'm a giving person. 

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in your life or have it in your heart to want to be there for someone in need? Make a difference in the world basically? That is how I feel.

I'm so happy that Plexus is in my life and I can do all the things I've ever dreamed of. I can help my family and buy all the things I've ever dreamed of having. 

I was praying one night after church and I told the Lord whatever he wants me to do I will do it for him. I will not say maybe or no. I said I love you Lord and I want to do right by you. He told me he wanted me to pay the church off. Pay the church off? Well I just started Plexus and the church needs 330,000 somewhere around that price range if not more. This has been almost a yr now.

I'm hoping to do this sometime this yr in fact. Just give the whole amount. 

He also told me to take a car up to the church, I said Lord who is this car for? He wouldn't tell me for along time. Until one day he showed me who it was for. One of the ladies at church she is the first one there mostly. She never missed a day of church except one day she had to pick her sister up from hospital. Her car has safety problems. It rolls before she even starts it. 

He wanted me to talk to them about how important it is to go to church if you want to see Blessings come your way and show the Lord your love for him. Most people go to church and don't even talk to him. They just go and listen to the music and preacher and then leave. 

Some folks get mad when I bring up blessings so I'm not saying it to make ya mad, just saying what he told me.

If you want things to change in your life you are the one who has to make that change happen.

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Thank You for Reading and God Bless

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  • Thank you ladies for reading and committing on my page, have a wonderful blessed week

  • Thank you for sharing your story DeAnn, that must have been awful for you.  I also used to have these premonitions when I was younger, but not any more.  Wishing you all the best in achieving your goal.

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    DeAnn you have my condolences concerning your cousin. What you call a dream was really a vision from God. That's amazing for you to have these visions about the future.  Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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