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    Hello and welcome to my plexus slim blog. I wanted to talk  to you about the unemployment. The unemployment is not getting any better. Jobs are moving to another country to pay less then what they pay for min wages here in the US. It is getting worse. My brother is a tech online and he has to go to other countries to train people how to do his job. They keep messing up so every so often he has to go back and train them again. 

  Mcdonalds tries to help the people get jobs so they open more Mcdonalds all over the US. Who wants to stay at a min wage job that doesn't do much for you but you help them make more money?  

You don't get much of a raise if you even get one. You don't get overtime and if you do they cut your hrs the next week.  I will never do fast food work again. For one I want more in my life then asking if you want fries with that? You work hard and your check looks like you barely worked. 

  I'll tell you a funny story when I worked at churchs chicken I worked so much and going to school that when my mother woke me up for school I would wake up saying six piece "meaning saying six pieces were ready" that's how we called the orders.  My checks were not that much at either places I've worked in fast food. 

  Plexus Slim offers you the chance to have better health and you can make it your own business. People leave their daily jobs to work this fulltime. One gentleman worked for a tire shop and he was able to leave that and work plexus with his wife and make more now then they did when he was working at the tire shop. You get the two for the price of one! How awesome is that?    It's worth it!

Working plexus and doing all the things i want to do and enjoy life more then stressing on who's order is next? 

  The Lord answers prayers that's a FACT! If your looking for more in your life regardless if it is your health or wanting your own business Plexus offers you both. 

  I was looking for something to help with my health because I was tired of having the shakes everyday because of my hypoglycemia, my nerve damage and I was wanting more in my life. I will never work in healthcare again. I will never work for min wage again. That to me is for people who are teenagers or just looking to put a job on a resume. 

  So if you want more excitement in your life come and join Plexus Slim and enjoy what they have to offer YOU. They send you on vac trips,you get a car on two levels which are lexus white on one level and black on another. They give you the allowance for a yr for each car. You go to meetings and meet others, you have fun with the company. You get paid 11 ways and 7 levels, raises and bonuses. You help others get the help they need.  

www.drd.myplexusproducts.com/   Choose Preferred. Ambassador #139204   You can get a discount if you want: Plexus Slim/Accelerator Combo, Bio-Cleanse and Pro-Bio 5. you get a discount of  between $5 to $10 off each product.                                       Or you can call: 1-480-998-3490

So if you would like anymore information   about the products come and stop by my page and check out the products and see what is best for you.

  Here is a Testimony to share with you:  

Kanda's testimony- My husband was diagnosed with RSD in his right foot after nerve damage from back surgery. Has had a nerve stimulator placed in back. After 1 week on Nerve Support-full dosage, his stimulator has been turned off, no more  RX's, no pain, movement of foot is 90% better and numbness is almost gone!! Thank you Jesus and thank you Plexus!  (We are on our 4th month of nerve support) We highly recommend this!

Thank You for reading, God Bless            


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  • Thanks DeAnn for sharing these testimonies regarding Plexus.  It can probably greatly be used here in the New Year.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

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