Helping Your New Distributor

It is very important to support your new distributors if you want your business to grow even more. In network marketing, people invest enormous effort, time and money into getting people signed up, and then squander that investment by leaving their new distributors to figure everything out for themselves. Professionals don't do that! They set proper expectations, they help get some quick results, and then continue to guide the new distributor through the many phases of our profession.

I'm sure not everyone does this to their groups. I'm just saying there are a few out there that do. Would like to share a game plan that works.

 Game Plan 

First- Validate their decision to become a distributor. Congratulate on making the decision. "I'm proud of you for taking charge of your life. From now on, things are going to be different for you and your family."

Second- Setting their expectations, most people come into a business with unrealistic,expectations, so here are three things:

If you succeed in this business, it's going to be you who creates that success,not me. And if you fail in this business, it's going to be you who creates that failure, not me. You are going to be the difference between success and failures. I'm here to guide you every step of the way. I can't do it for you. I'm here to work with you, but not for you.

Well, what kind of expectation do you think THAT sets in your  mind? My job is to help you become independent from me as quickly as possible.

third- getting started checklist to help the new distributor have the best chances of success. The exact plan is different for  Every business. But, the concept was to do everything possible to get quick results.

Examples of what you could include in your getting started checklist:

Very important part is Making sure you learn about your products 

very important that people develop an emotional attachment to the products and that can only happen if you are using them and enjoying the benefits and sharing what it has done for you.

You need to be prepared to help your prospects with the tools that will professionally take you through the exposure process.

Get connected- show how to find things on the company website and where to find things about the products and what they can help with. Where the upcoming events are being held, when the leadership calls or webinars are being conducted, ect..  Remember, your goal is to help them become independent as quickly as possible. This is very important step in making that goal a reality.

Making sure your new distributor has a basic understanding of the compensation plan. At least the key points and what will happen financially as they move through the first few levels.

Have the fundamental understanding of how to properly invite their prospects to understand more about what they have to offer. 

Fourth- create a game plan for them to get through the first few ranks and challenged them to do it quickly. If they received early positive reinforcement, they'd continue. And if they didn't, they had a tendency to fade away.

During the first week to get possible results:

How can they get their first customer?

How can they get their first distributor?

Can you Encourage them to attend their first company event?

What steps can you take to help them earn their first commission  check?

New distributors crave direction and they respond incredibly well to simple assignments.

Proclaiming their intentions to the world

Getting promoted to a new level

Being recognized for some sort of achievement

 If you would like to be An Ambassador

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