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Here Are 3 Hypnotic Power Words That Will Increase Your Conversion Rates


Imagine if you had the power to influence people’s subconscious minds.

Imagine if you could do it by using simple trigger words to activate involuntary hypnotic “reflexes” in their brains.






You would never  suspect these hypnotic words of holding any power.

They are simple, and innocuous.

“But when you use them consciously and correctly, they can dramatically improve your persuasive power.” …….says the author, Bnonn .

Here are the top three “power words”



Why it’s hypnotic

  • By asking your prospect to imagine something, you bypass that critical part that throws up objections, and “sneak in” to their mind through the back door of their imagination.
  • Imagining stimulates the unconscious mind
  • This makes your prospect’s imagination a deceptively powerful ally to you.
  • Remember—the fear of loss is far stronger than the desire for gain.
  • So if you can get your prospect to feel a sense of ownership for your offering, you invoke a much stronger desire than by merely offering benefits.
  • By getting them to imagine owning it, they become as if they already have it.
  • As if you have already given it to them.
  • And the natural thing to do then is to keep it…which means making the purchase.

2. “YOU”

Why it’s hypnotic

  • “You” is a placeholder for your name.
  • The word “you” is different.
  • It’s natural to use it in conversation, so you don’t need to worry about being heavy-handed.
  • Yet it encapsulates the same basic self-obsessiveness that makes your own name so powerful.
  • And guess what?
  • There’s nothing as stimulating to us as our own interests, desires, ambitions, goals, yearnings and emotions.
  • So as long as your copy addresses those things for your prospect, it is guaranteed to carry them along in a rapt, semi-torpid daze of introspection.


Why it’s hypnotic

  • As human beings, we crave order.
  • We want to know why something is the way it is, what caused something to happen.
  • These kinds of reasons, these relationships of cause and effect, are encapsulated in the word because.
  • Using the word “because” satisfies the brain’s natural search for reasons.
  • Give a good reason, and “you’re in”.
  • Without the word “because”, the “reason why” reflex wouldn’t kick in automatically, and so the overall effect of the copy would be much weaker.
  • Including “because” makes the mind accept the benefits are more unskeptically and unreservedly.

These 3 “power words” are particularly powerful, and particularly useful to us as marketers and salespeople.

Imagine. You. Because.

They are also conveniently easy to work into copy, into videos, and even into face-to-face sales presentations



If you enjoyed this post and found TONS OF VALUE from Bnonn the author of “How To Use These 3 Hypnotic “Power Words” To C...…..please take a moment to share with all whom you feel would benefit…Thank You!


Kathryn Ali


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