Home Business 101

As a home based business owner I continue to educate myself daily, to the challenges that you are faced with as an independent online business. One thing I have learned is that all prospects my not fit your business, and a lot of people online don't have a clue of how to develop a home based business. There is an affiliate program  like SFI a product marketing company that have marketing and training material that aid the business owner, in developing his business using the resources available as an company affiliate.

There are also a lot of affiliate advertising programs out today but the challenge in the industry, is the cost if any of advertising which can run into money. Paradoxcash is one advertising group that have all the advertising resources you need to market your home based business, in the marketing industry online, because  of the vast number of opportunity offers you may have you need a resource,to track your advertising efforts and give you information on what is working to expose your business. You also need an email autoresponder to help you to contact prospects in a timely manner, then you need to connect with the people you attract to the offers either by phone, email, text, or social links.


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