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Do you sell a product or a service online?  If so, you likely face a lot of competition.  Many individuals and companies are trying to capitalize on the internet and its popularity.  So, how you can make sure that you see a steady flow of sales?  By relying on articles.

As nice as it is to hear that you can increase your sales with articles, it is important to know that not just any article will do.  To please everyone, you should write combination keyword content articles.  These are articles that are interesting for your visitors to read, but they are also liked by the search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Speaking of search engines, they are one of the many ways that articles can help you make a profitable sale.  When you have keyword articles on your website, readers can easily find that website just by performing a standard internet search.  For example, do you sell an eBook that shares tips for selling on eBay?  Use a keyword research tool to determine what internet users are searching for.  You will see that they are looking for ìthings to sell on eBay,î and general information on ìhow to make money selling on eBay.î  

You want to add these and other relevant keyword phrases throughout each article.  If properly done, you will find your website appearing at the top of relevant internet searches.  This means that a person looking for information how to sell on eBay, may see your eBook listed for sale right away.  With a good search engine ranking, you should see a steady number of sales, especially if you are selling a good product or service.  As for selling an eBook on eBay, you want your website to be seen first, otherwise searchers may find similar website where that information is shared free of charge.

Traffic received from search engines, like Yahoo, MSN, or Google, is known as organic traffic.  In addition to generating organic traffic, articles can also generate referrals.  This is when another website refers readers to you.  That website can be an article directory or an accompanying blog you operate.  Whichever approach you take, be sure to include a link back to your website.

If you opt for using article directories, choose those that give out usage rights.  This means that other internet users can use your article.  That article can be displayed on their own website or blog, as long as they leave all of your links intact.  While you may have concerns about others using your articles free of charge, there are actually benefits to doing so.  It is a great way to spread the word about your site and the products that you sell.  However, if you ever find your articles posted online without your links attached, ask to have them removed immediately.

If the product or service you are selling is new, you may want to generate interest by creating a press release.  Before creating your own or before hiring a writer, know one thing of great importance.  Articles can also be used as press releases.  Unfortunately, many choose to hire press release writers instead.  This is okay, but did you know that it can cut into your profits?  Most writers charge more for press releases.  Instead, tell your writer exactly what you want written in article format.

If you are unveiling an eBook that shares eBay selling tips, have your writer sum up how you can make money selling on eBay and the importance of familiarizing yourself with moneymaking tips and tricks.  Then, have them introduce your product.  By taking this approach, you essentially get a press release without actually having to pay for one.

As highlighted above, there are a number of ways that articles can help you generate sales on your website.  What is unique about articles is that they can generate traffic and sales for you for years to come. 

As long as an article is posted on your website or elsewhere online with a link to your product attached, you should see a steady number of sales, even years down the road.


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Comment by Merle Gibbins on February 1, 2015 at 2:42am
Great advice Bruno, thanks for sharing.
Comment by Terri Pattio on January 24, 2015 at 12:44pm

Impressive and excellent information you have shared today in the community. Shared via Syndication Automation and the Syndication Express business page on Google.

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