How Can I Generate More Leads?

How Can I Generate More Leads?


How Can I Generate More Leads

Below are 8 tips that I hope will be of some help for you.

I have been asked this question many times and I know myself what it is like when you are starting out and trying to generate leads.  A lot of people go the wrong way about it.  I can remember someone telling me quite a few years ago how they just added people’s email addresses to their auto responder.  Do you think they got a lot of unsubscribes?  Yes …  And Why?… Because they didn’t have permission to add them to their autoresponder ….  so that is one tip to take note of …..

Therefore if you are struggling to generate leads then below are some ideas that may help you:

The first step in successful online marketing is generating leads that are going to be genuinely interested in what products you have to offer them and that is going to help them.  I would not recommend promoting any product or software that you have not bought and tried.

  1.  A lead box on your capture page is one way to capture traffic.  A lot of people don’t like these pop-up boxes but if you can capture leads then use it.  You can show after about 10 seconds of when a reader enters your blog and then again just before they exit.  You can put a lead box in your sidebar of your blog and possibly offer a free eBook or some sort of offer to make them put their email address in that box.  You can also add a P.S. at the bottom of your blog with a link to a capture page.
  2. If you have your own products like an eBook, audio product or video product then you can advertise these in your email signature box.  Or if you want someone to look at your blog then add that on there as well.  You social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Use Twitter Cards, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram ….  plus there are many more social media sites.
  3. Start a contest or competition whereby the reader has to enter their email address to get the results of the competition and you can always mention what they are likely to receive from you in the future and if it is valuable content they are likely to stay on your list.
  4. Create landing/squeeze pages and add some great infographics with stats for whatever niche you are in.  People love to see visual content.  You can also create a landing page to offer an eBook (if you would like to get a copy of my Lead Generation eBook then please click ====>>>>HERE)  You may want to hold a webinar or want someone to watch a video….  this can all be done via a landing/squeeze page.
  5. You could hold events (Facebook and other social media sites are a great place to advertise an event) perhaps an online webinar with another company is another idea.
  6. Online advertising is the most cost effective CPV (cost per value) method for reaching out to new prospects who are interested in what you have to offer and a great way to drive traffic to your lead generation campaign.
  7. Did you know that you can recover lost leads with Ad Retargeting?  This is a great advantage of online advertising as it is the ability to retarget a lost customer !  That will have to be another blog post later …….
  8. Lastly you must always track your leads and see where they are coming from so that you know where to target and get the best quality leads from.  If you have some spare cash available then doing solo ads is a great way to generate leads.  But beware you need to research the solo ad vendor and look for testimonials as you want high quality leads.

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