How Case Studies Boost Web Traffic

Case studies can tell a story of how successful a campaign or project is.


They can readily document any scenario and analyze events or difficult situations. They will identify the issues and concerns and propose solutions. They can then chart the progress of the actions until it’s drawn a solid conclusion.

You can help your customers to not only understand the problem at hand, you can also help them to resolve the problem.

Why should you include case studies on your website?

Case studies are a prime example of your expertise. They’ll include keywords that apply to your industry.

One of the most effective methods to get your website featured highly in online search engines is to have plenty of keywords. These are the words that people will plug into the search engine box in order to find products or services. They may include a main sales item and your location.

Instead of randomly cluttering your website with keywords, you should include them naturally in the text. It’s always a great idea to have a copywriter on board. A copywriter will posses the skills to assure your web copy is grammatically correct and relevant and readable. The copywriter will also be in charge of optimization of your copy to incorporate keywords that will help your site to reach the top of the listings.

Document sharing sites like SharePoint will help you to create and edit as well as store case studies. If you’re going to create multiple case studies you can put them into a template to assure their consistency in formating and content.

SharePoint is an especially useful tool when you have more than one person contributing to your single case study. Documenting changes can readily be tracked even if the document is being used by many different users.

How to put together a case study

To begin with, It’s very important to summarize the background of the situation.

Giving an overview of the customer’s situation and what their achievement goal is. This gives an opportunity to mention things that may have previously been tried, but not worked well.

Describe the approach that was taken and why it was chosen. It’s always helpful to include any facts and figures as well as to share genuine examples. Case studies are ideal for showcasing skills.

When an outcome has been reached, it’s not enough to just say that it was successful. Potential customers wish to know how it was achieved.

Case Studies should gently persuade

The best part of case studies is that they show off your capabilities without coming across to others as a hard sell.

They avoid hype and self promotion if they’re done right. The goal is for the reader to connect with the story as it is unfolding. Try to avoid jargon or sales pitches as this can become wearisome and a turn off to the reader.

Commercial environments case studies are the perfect way to show off new products or explain services. They can be long or short as required and providing they convey the facts, everyone should be happy. Report events in chronological order or in a logical sequence.

Focus on benefits

In order to get the most out of a case study, always concentrate on the way it will benefit the customer.

How the product will benefit them. Will it make their job easier? Will it have any implications on future business?

Even though you should avoid a call to action at the end of the case study, you’ll want to add in the contact information and include links to other studies. Testimonials and pertinent information can be utilized to encourage the readers to explore the site further.

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