How Do You Handle Stress and Tension in Your Marriage? 

Stress and tension exists in every relationship at one time or another in every marriage and relationship. Perhaps it’s caused by finances, relocating, a business or work, or perhaps the two of you have decided you just don’t want to get along.

When I met Joe last week, he was as stressed as it gets. Money is tight and he feels that his wife just loves to spend it, even when they don’t have it. Instead of talking, explaining, and working through it together, it was apparent that the way they chose to deal with it was to accuse, scream, and fight about it.

Do you think much got resolved with this technique?

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  • Great article Don. Tension in a marriage is no fun. Thank you for the wonderful video.

  • Another great post Don and I also have a husband who wants to spend what we don't have but I find it easier just to walk away !!  Better than getting stressed.

  • Thank you guys for your kind words and your generosity!!!!

  • Stress in marriage can cause alot of damage especially if handled incorrectly. I liked the video. Being considerate of your spouse and communication is the key to overcoming this problem. Liked and shared Don.

  • Top Member

    Writing this post from your real experience Don. I love it and have shared it for more to see. Glad to have you in the community.

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