How Google+ Can Help Your MLM Business

How Google+ Can Help Your MLM Business

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You can advertise your business and blog posts on Google+ ensuring that you get more recognition for your MLM Business

Google+ has been running now for roughly 4 years, now being one of their social networking programmes.

Many critics were arguing about Google+’s success and failure, but it is quite obviously a success as it is a great social media programme.  Some people are claiming it is just a dream on Google’s part but at the end of the first year there was 250,000,000 accounts created and with 150,000,000 people using it every month, 50% of which sign in on a monthly basis and it was claimed in a recent study that people spent about six to seven hours a month on Facebook against just three minutes a month on Google+.

But what they don’t realise is how powerful Google+ is for their MLM business.  Plus it is growing stronger by the day.  Google+ is not just another social destination.  They are also adding to all their other platforms like Google Search, Images, Maps, Youtube etc.  Google created an ad platform that dominates the web today.  Google has control of over 44 percent of global online ad revenues, whereas Facebook has only 31 percent.

To gain advantage Google realises that is has to harness people’s social, local and real time interactions into the search results and that it is not a place to hang out like Facebook, but that it is a structure and set of tools which then lets Google bring all its advantages of social media into their already existing framework.  What they mustn’t do is fail to incorporate the social demands of the people that use it.

Today there are over one million branded companies on the internet and like with Facebook and other social media sites, they are all wanting you to like and share their businesses, which is pushing their rankings up higher in Google and other search engines.

If Google can stay dominant and keep up with what their users need for social influence on the products and services they already have, they will remain a dominant and profitable force on the internet for a very long time to come, and it will be a challenge for anyone to beat them.

It is hard to believe but Google has one billion registered and 359 million active users searching daily and when people click on ads for just cents per click they still have an abundance of revenue on which to build.

Yes, people spend a lot of time on Facebook these days, but Google+ is going from strength to strength and it is a great way to get your business seen.  Another great thing about Google+ is the fact that you can have a ‘hangout’, where you can hang out with your team members and have a meeting.  It is also a great place for families and friends, especially if they are scattered all around the world, like so many are today.  You can have up to nine members on at the same time and if it is family it is a great way of having a family reunion plus you can put on all sorts of silly outfits !!

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Google Hangouts

So what are your views?  Can Google+ overtake Facebook?

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  • Thank you Sharon

  • thank you Terri

  • Top Video Contributor

    Awesome Info Merle. I agree with what Terri said. Google to me is by far the best search engine on the planet. 

    thanks girls. 

  • Top Member

    Very good information Merle on Google+ and I do believe they are proving they are here to stay. They are making progress to overtake Facebook. Yes I believe FB better watch out because Google + is ready to dominate as the top social media site. They're already the top search engines, so this is not hard for Google + to accomplish. Your stats you shared are indications of their growth. I will repost on the Syndication Express blog as well for even more exposure.

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