How I made $11,000 without ever meeting my client

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For most, a career as a Virtual Assistant isn’t really a preferred choice . I know there may be better things for you to do, and working in an office does mean having vacations, paid leaves and a list of other benefits. But becoming a virtual assistant has its advantages too, And the best part is you can work from home part time while working in an office.

1. You are your own boss
True, you will still be working for somebody, but becoming a virtual assistant offers a much greater degree of flexibility than a conventional desk job. You can choose how much you work and your availability. 

2. Work with the right people
True, it can be a pain to find the right client but working with good people can be a rewarding experience. Becoming a virtual assistant is simple,  and it’s effective.

3. You decide how much you want to earn
It might sound strange but you get to decide what you want to earn. Be it the number of hours you are available to work or the quantum of work you can do, you decide how you’d like to run your business.

People argue that working at home isn’t conducive with all the distractions. This is true to a point. But, it all depends on your mentality. If you have a can-do attitude and the willingness to succeed, small distractions like playing children will not really matter. In fact, the comfort of your home and being with your loved ones is too good of an idea to let go of, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you agree?

Just this year I made $11,000 working with 1 client, 20 hours a week  for 6 months.Yes, that is just 1 client. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE OTHER CONTRACTS…

Creating a profile is free, you will have to upload your resume and any special projects you’ve done that will help employers match you to their needs. Aside from in person marketing, my most favorite place to solicit business is Elance

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Other platforms you can register with are:



Although most to all clients want you to have high speed internet connection, a working computer with appropriate software, a working head-set, and a designated working environment. I started with a half working laptop and a Samsung flip phone. So, I am pretty sure you have everything you need to get started. :)

Take a moment to browse through these leads and feel free to apply to them directly!

Accounting Assistant

Admin Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Executive Assistant

Administrative Assistant

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