mindset image 4In all of my blog posts lately I have stated that in this post I'm not going into MINDSET at this time, I will talk about that later. Well if you have been waiting for me to talk about this, today is your LUCKY day. In this blog post I will be covering MINDSET and how it's important when building your MLM, network marketing business. I'm also going to cover 3 ways how you can get your MINDSET in the right place.

So many network marketers say to themselves how they can't recruit, can't sell, can't attract leaders, can't get their warm market to listen to them, can't get leads etc etc etc. What most would think these phrases are Excuses, they are really statements from people with Poor Mindset. When your Mindset isn't right you look at things on the negative side, you compare yourself to others doing well and all you can think of is Lack. So what do most people do? They justify their Failures with these phrases of nothing but Excuses. I did a blog post about Excuses and how you can overcome them, click here.

Let me give you an example, a lot of people set a New's Year's Resolution to lose weight and most sign up to some gym or physical activity. They get excited and go consistently to wherever they signed up, but at some point things get in the way. An event comes up, you are not feeling well, you had a bad day, the place to workout is too far, etc etc etc and all of a sudden you are missing 1 day to 2 days to all the time. At this point most think that they just lost interest or it just to much of a burden. In reality most people that do this Lack in Commitment which is a sign of Poor Mindset. While at the same time you have people that go to a gym for years and years and years but NEVER MISS a day. Why? Because they are focused on what they want, they shy away from the excuses and just GO!!

My advise to the people that have a Poor Mindset is to cut the BullShit Excuses and if you would STOP complaining how things are NOT going your way, you would have time to take the proper Actions to get the results. Too many people WASTE so much time making excuses that they could be focusing time in developing a Strong Mindset to get them where they want to go.

My mentor sent me a audio series and the speaker said, "So many people are worried what they put in their body but don't focus on what they are putting in their mind". Some people focus on eating healthy but they feed JUNK into their minds. Your body doesn't make your mind stronger but your mind makes up the rest of your body. If you have a Strong Mindset it will appear in your posture, it will appear in your attitude, it will appear in your body, the way you speak, the way you talk, confidence, etc etc.

Another example, he had a few people come up to a stage and he them repeat after him and say " I have a fatal disease, I have a fatal disease, 20 times " but NOT 1 person repeated that because they were afraid it might manifest into their lives. But these same people will go home and say to themselves "I can't recruit anybody into my business, I can't sell anything, I find a mate, I'm ugly, I'm not lovable" etc etc etc. What these people are doing is manifesting what they are saying into their lives because of their Poor Mindset.

There are 3 ways you can build up your Mindset to have success in your MLM business.

1. Surround yourself around people that have what you want NOT what you already have. This is somindset image crucial for your MLM or network marketing business. The best way to blow out the negative neuro-pathways in your brain is to surround yourself with successful people that Lift you up and inspire you to have success. Spending time with Negative people will keep you at their level and you will never become better.

2. Read motivational books everyday. This is HUGE for your Mindset and will definitely help your subconscious mind. The voice in the back of your head is Negative because all of the years surrounding yourself around people that were like you or worse. Reading helps that voice think positive thoughts and help you with your dreams and imagination. The wealthy are known to be Massive Readers and it shows, check it out for yourself.

3. You spend more time in your car than anywhere else so turn your car into a mobile university. This in most cases are a TRUE FACT, why listen to the news or talk radio? Listen to famous motivational speakers like Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Ray Higdon, Brian Tracey, John Maxwell  just to name a few. Turn your vehicle into a riding University, the best way to strengthen your Mindset is to swim in Personal Development.

Leaders are always readers, Leaders always surround themselves with other Leaders and Leaders always educate themselves to teach others, which strengthen their Mindset everyday.

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  • Excellent article on Mindset George.  You nailed some very important points.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and shared.

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