How KFC Got Started

A Story About How KFC Got Started

 Harland  dropped out of grade school and ran away from home after his dad died.  He was going from job to job and place to place for many years. He bounced around taking whatever work he could find.  During the depression He opened a tiny restaurant and serving meals in his gas station in a small kentucky town.

The little restaurant became so popular that he had to expand to a building across the street. Fire destroyed that place a few years later, but Harland didn't give up. He rebuilt it. His kentucky fried chicken made from a secret recipe of eleven herbs and spices became so popular, the governor of the state made Harland Sanders an honorary Kentucky colonel.

But still there was no coasting, even for the Colonel. He was in his sixties, nearing retirement age when a new highway bypass took traffic out of his little town.  His business went down to nothing. He was forced to shut down the restaurant.

After he sold his business and paid his debts, Colonel Sanders only had $105, He hit the road, going from town to town with his chicken fryer in the back of his truck, selling his chicken to other restaurants.

Word got around quickly that Colonel Sander's chicken was finger-lickin' good! By the time he was seventy years old, Colonel had Kentucky Friend Chicken restaurants all over the United States and canada. Today there are more then eleven thousand KFCs all around the world.

This story shows even Harland had ruff times and life seemed to treat him harshly. He could easily have felt he got the short end of the stick during those hard times.

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Thank You for reading and God Bless
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  • DeAnn, Walt Disney, too, had to try many times before he found funding for his dream.

  • Interesting blog, DeAnn.  It's fun learning how these big successes got where they are.  Blessings and much continued success for you.

  • Great post DeAnn and I did read a story on how they got started a couple of years ago but great reminder.  Shared for you.

  • Top Member

    DeAnn I am so glad that you are having the success you deserve. All the best with helping people to achieve the same success you have right now and forever. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus too. Have a great week ahead.

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