How To Be A Leader

How To Be A Leader

How To Be A Leader

How do you create a new leader in their first 60-90 days?



I ask what is their “why” – I want a leader with a burning desire, not just a reason.  If I know the goal, I can use it when they’re having a bad day.     People have real needs with the economy.



I go through the business.  Go through the presentation again and cover the program.  Create a sense of urgency.  Help them bank time now to use later.They want to double the money.  If you put the time and effort into it,you can do it.



Ask:  How many hours are you willing to invest?  What are you willing to give up? The only investment you’ll have is your time.  The only inventory you have is your contact list.   Determine if goals and commitment are in line.  I tell them I will match their efforts.    I tell them what I’m making a month.  Whatever you’re making, tell them.  Tell your story.  Don’t think you need to make a lot of money before you can talk to business leaders.  It all starts out with one customer at a time.



Create important deadlines,Duplicate success,Create A Leader.



I look at their contact list and tell them to keep adding. Brainstorm.  Over the next 2 weeks, I’m going to help you become a leader.  It’s on the job training and you get paid as you go.  Are you available to work together for the next two weeks?   If they stall, then I ask when they are available for a two week training period.   If they are serious, they’ll put people in front of me right away.


You’ll see how we do the presentation and pick up some good verbiage.  We’re in the presentation business.  Feel comfortable.  Read it like a story book.  Add your own testimonials.  You’ll learn how I’m going to close and deal with different categories.


Create a sense of urgency.  Set them up for success.


I role play with my new leader to get the appointment.  If you don’t coach them on getting the lead, then they’ll feel like a failure.  I tell them the best way to get them come to listen is your excitement.  Keep it simple.


Work with them and have them follow your lead.  People are looking to be a leader.  If they are hungry, they will do this.



How do you continue the sense of urgency?Help them find a business partner.It will help them reach their goals that much faster.It’s a win-win situation.


I team up with their leaders. I will team up with them and their people to do the training.Work through the non-participants because it will work out in the end.Help create the synergy and excitement.Team up together.By helping their team, it helps them.  Hold your leaders accountable to their goals.



Learn their short term and long term goals as a leader.




52 cards in a deck and you never know when you’re going to be dealt the aces. You’ve got to go through all the cards to find the aces(leader).

I recruit every month and earn Circle of Influence.  I don’t want to just maintain.  I’m looking to be in leadership mode.I want to be a leader.There’s always a higher level.


Keep engaged to fill their leadership pipeline.Lead from the front.Lead by example.People will do what you do.Encourage goal setting.Share success to build excitement.



Call all them up and say thank you.Say, the reason you’re calling is that in the beginning you wanted to make some money.Ask how things have changed and see if they want to team up.With your great story.



If they’re not interested right now, tell them that’s fine, and that you’ll just check with them some other time.Before I let you go, you might be interested in free training.They are more open to that.



You never know.You might have a leader sitting there on your list.We can truly influence people’s lives.We can give them confidence.They need someone to give them hope and confidence.They need a leader.


Many people need what you have.Share it with them. 



So much integrity and excitement here.We have real people leading this company.We have real products for real people.

You want to experience that.


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