How to close

My sponsor kept after me for 6 months before I joined.
I’d been with another company but the compensation plan was stacked against me
Finally my wife told me to give them a chance and listen.
I’d been approached before but one person lied to me and I wouldn’t listen anymore.



 How To Close And Tell The Truth – It’s Good Enough

It really is enough. People will respect you when you tell the truth.
We are the best company out there.
You need to know that.



The basics are simple on how to close leaders:

Know people,know how to close leaders.
Know how to get them to the top and beyond.
I’ve had lots of practice and good people to work with that allowed me to learn how to closemany leaders.
I have a strong support team and all of them have been extraordinary to me and have all pitched and taught me how to close.
I listen to the BEST.

What does it take to be successful?


How To Close Networkers?

Networkers aren’t easy – it’s a process.
Networkers are a special area.

You have to look for people who are better than you – recruit up.


Be coachable.
I want to win. I don’t want to drag someone.
Focus on people who want to make money when learning how to close.


If you owned a mountain and discover a vein of gold, you’d call people you love and share it with them.


You have to get them dreaming.
Have them develop a why.


The enemy of a great life is a good life.


Stay focused on the facts. Your posture helps them determine if they want to work with you.
When I’m calling a networker, I tell them it’s xxx, and how this has turned out to be an extraordinary thing. It’s slow, though, because you’ve got to be careful.
Hi, Jim, I have you on a list here you were doing XXX. I’m curious to know what you’re doing with yourself. Have a dialog.
Talk to a person.
Be honest.
Be excited.

It’s true. I love the company.

I want no overhead. No receivables. No payables. No employees. NO overhead.
That’s exactly what my company does for us. Everything.
The focus is posture when you approach people.


Is this an ok time to talk? If you could answer a couple of questions for me I can put this in perspective. Suppose you found something you thought was really exciting, what kind of money in a month would make a difference in your life right now? On top of what you’re learning now, what would get your attention? Extra $100, $500, $1000? How much time could you put together?


15 hours is very realistic for $2,000. I joined this company x years ago, and the guy who told me about it called me once a month for 6 months. I put up $25 to join. My 12th check was about $11,000 for the month. 15 years ago. I was building it from scratch, part time. 90% of what I have to tell you is visual.


I brag about my support team. You can hear the excitement in my voice. People get it. That’s how I set an appointment. Never take anyone off your contact list. You never know. After calling someone for  years, I finally signed him.


I eliminate objections in my approach. They already know it’s $25.

They can hear you smile on the phone. If they can’t feel that, you need to change.


How To Close With Objections:

I don’t know if I can afford the monthly products – Just before I turn the membership page, I say, you join for $25.



How to close the presentation.
Ask me anything you want. You have to be strong to do that but it gets objections out of the way.

No more questions? What did you like the most about what you heard ? They like the money, products, delivery to the house. Have you heard enough to make this monumental $25 decision?


How to close and work with networkers - not for brand new people. Talk to everyone you know online and tell about your success or better yet your sponsors success. That’s where you’ll have the fastest success.


Look for signs where people are advertising. Vendors calling you. Time Warner, Verizon. Most people don’t want those calls but I ask, How long you been with Verizon? So, you must be making the big bucks.


You have such extraordinary communication skills, do they know how good you are? I can’t promise you anything but have you ever thought about finding a second income stream? What if I could show you how to put some serious money on the table without risk? I work for a company online and they’re always looking for people like you. Give me your email and I’ll contact you.


 How To Close Networkers And Where To Find Them



When looking for networkers, pay attention for people. I carry a voice activated recorder and record them all. Most distributors are now out of business. Look in the newspapers. I get solicited all the time to make money. I fish all the time. Go to and just look for companies you want to find. Arbonne, Amway, put in the zip code and it’ll give you people in your area.




What do you say? Establish a relationship.. HI, this is John, I got your name off a list. I understand you used to do new skin. Are you still doing that? I think we could help each other. What he’ll will blow him away compared to what he does. You never know what the future holds for any of us.


The key on how to close is to build a relationship. 


Go to networking meetings. Google it on the internet. Get out there and mix with people. Show up. Become friends. Know who they are. Then some day you can say, hey, I think I could help you.


NO matter where you are, or what you’re doing, you can find one person who wants to earn $1,000 before the end of the day if your willing.


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  • Thank You Merle.

  • Great post Timothy, thanks for sharing.

  • My Pleasure Sandy!

  • Thanks for sharing this great information, Timothy. 

  • So true Terri,thanks for sharing!

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    Relationships is key in your business. If you attempt to close people without knowing if they are interested in what you have to offer. YOU will never know them as a friend and business partner because of your money agenda. YOU must get rid of  your money agenda, and when you do your success will happen for you easily. I have shared your post Timothy.

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