How to Close The Deal

How to Close

Closing The Deal

A lot of people have a hard time figuring out how to “seal the deal”.  But it’s really not that complicated, and I’ll show you why!  Once you get someone to state their objections, and you have overcome them, the next step is to lead them to the close.

Below is a basic four steps to close the deal for you to get an idea :

1.      What did you like best about what you heard in the presentation?

Allow them to share with you what their “hot buttons” are.  Whatever they say stood out the most, is what you need to close them on in the next question.

2.      So now you see how the business can help you to do………(state whatever      their hot button is, and what they said interest them the most like earn      extra income)?

It’s a simple yes or no.  If the answer is no, you have not overcome their objections and you need to go back and answer their questions.  If the answer is yes, go on to number three.

3.    Does the potential income earnings excite you? 

If the answer is no, you may not have a real lead or interest here for the business opportunity. Although everyone may not be motivated simply for the money, it’s very rare for those who desire to be business builders to overlook the income potential.

Thank them for their time, ask for a referral for someone who is interested and move on! If the answer is yes, go on to number four.

4.    If you’re excited about this opportunity, would you like to get started today? 

This is the final close.  It’s time for them to give you a credit card, or if they don’t have the money now, get them to fill out the application and post date it to the date that they will have the funds to get started.

If they tell you that they want to get started on their next payday, tell them that’s fine…you can fill out the paperwork now, and submit it once their next payday comes around.  The idea is to get a FINAL YES, a signed application and a firm date to start.

If you’re not careful, you can get stuck in limbo land forever.  It’s hard to figure out how to wrap things up and get things moving along.  Don’t count on your prospect to be the person to do it for you.  Take the lead and follow the “four step close” and you’ll be adding more people to your team in no time.

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  • Thank you Terri and Brad, appreciate your comments.

  • I enjoyed Checking out "How to Close The Deal" on Syndication Express by Merle Gibbns: This will help a lot of people close the deal.  

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    Listening is an important skill that most of us need to work on, including myself. Sometimes when I get excited, I tend to talk very fast. I have gotten a whole lot better. When you listen with an intent to understand your prospect's problem first, then you will accomplish your goal. They will listen to you and this will help your relationships and business grow. Merle I have shared your post massively.

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