How to Get Here

How to Get Here

Hi this is my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

 I played Keyboards in rock band, was a groom at horse racetracks, I worked on a sailboat in Bahamas, before I was a truck driver.  I have had many different jobs and met many different people.  My second driving job was, delivering tropical fruit in Toronto and nearby towns.  And kegs of imported beer all over Ontario, cement, gravel, firewood, chicken, people, yes I even drove a school bus for ten years.  So, I can say I've been around, or at least there and back.

 Following the accident that took my left foot I decided to begin working online for a living.

  I am now trying to learn the internet business.  Whatever that means to you, depends on where you are in terms of knowledge.  Internet Knowledge and business knowledge, they are both deep subjects with many opinions.   The boys in the boiler room got me, and jacked up my debt, seems big businesses don’t want to help they just want all your money. 

Anyway, that’s how I got here and why I may not appear too professional, yet.  After getting burned, it's hard to pull the trigger again.

 I do not believe in the word can’t, technically it’s not a word.

  I am happy to have the opportunity to connect with this great group of people here at Syndication Express.  There are many here that have seen around Web town before.  This must be where the cool kids hang out. 

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Thank you – Brad Wheller, aka wberad

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  • Sorry that life has been tough on you, Brad. I like the fact that you keep "getting back up." I pray that life gives you a season of reprieve and reaping good fruits. Thank you for sharing my post today. Blessings~

  • Hi Brad.  It's good to learn a bit about your background and the path that brought you here.  Life can definitely be a struggle, but it appears you've learned from your mistakes and you are stronger and wiser for it.  I've been involved in Internet marketing for nearly a decade.  If you have questions in this regard, I'd be glad to answer.

  • Welcome Brad.

  • Hi Brad, It's a challenge for all.  But the main thing is to find out your "Why".  Why do you want to succeed.  How it will benefit your family and forget the past as quick as you can.  We've all gotten burned, but it was just a stepping stone to get us on the right track.  Much Success.  

  • Hi Brad. Welcome aboard.  You will learn a lot here. All of us learn something from one another. Looking forward to more of your posts.

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