How To Integrate Google On Your Website

How To Integrate Google On Your Website

Google on your website

Google On Your Website


Let’s discuss integrating Google on your website.

Adding +1 button on your blog is the easiest way to get started with Google+ integration and get Google On Your WebsiteGrab your +1 button and put it at the top and bottom of your posts. If you are using the Get Social plugin, then be sure to select Google+ button from the settings.

Another great way to add Google On Your Website is to  add Google+ Badge to Your Blog. It lets users engage with your brand via their Google+ account. They can easily add you or your Google+ page to their circles and start receiving your Google+ updates. All you need to do is add the following tag on your blog sidebar or wherever you like. Be sure to change the {plusPageUrl} with your Google+ page url.
<div data-href=” com/{plusPageUrl}” “></div>

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 With Google On Your Website People Can Add Your Page To Their Circles


Google On Your Website

Google On Your Website

Google+ Direct Connect is another powerful feature of Google+ to add Google On Your Website. It lets visitors add your page to their circles directly from within Google Search. To use this feature, connect your Google+ page to your site by adding the following code snippet within the <head> and </head> tags on your site:

<link href=”https://plus.{plusPageUrl}” rel=”publisher” />

Alternatively you can simply link to your Google+ page anywhere on your site’s pages using the anchor <a> tag and including the rel=”publisher” attribute within it.Google now includes author information in search results. So when your pages appear in the Google search results, you can have your Google+ profile displayed along with the results.


Google may also display the circle authority as you get more followers on Google+.


Add Google On Your Website And Have Your Profile Show Up On Google

To have your profile show up in Google search, all you need do is to link your Google+ profile to your website using the rel=”author” tag.  Here are the steps to implement Google Authorship on your site:Step 1: Create an “Author Bio” or an “About” page on your site and add an anchor link to your Google+ Profile on that page. Make sure that this link has rel=”me” attribute.


Step 2: Make sure all the posts you have written on your blog include a link to your “Author Bio” page. Make sure that this link has rel=”author” attribute.


Step 3: Sign in to your Google+ account. Click on Edit Profile and then click on Other Profiles. Add a new custom link that points to your “Author Bio” page. Save the changes and you are all set. Google will eventually include your Google+ profile in search result.As your site is crawled, Google will eventually include your Google+ profile in their search results.

Can you see the value of having Google On Your Website?


Imagine the benefits of having Google as your partner!

With Google On Your Website the sky is the limit.

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