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Looking for small business success?

If you are new to entrepreneurship and are a first time small business owner, it can be an overwhelming and confusing task. Starting a new small business does not have to be OVERWHELMING or SCARY if you have a smart plan of action that drives the results you want. To increase your chances of small business success here are 5 “small business success tips” you’ll want to implement immediately.


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    Follow Your Passion. Yes you can build small business success doing something you love! Think about all the great skills, solutions and information you already know that others will be happy to pay for. If you have a passion for Real Estate and your dream business is to own a Real Estate Company – then go for it. But if everyone tells you how great you are at making pottery, you may not want to get into the Real Estate business as it may be a little out of your element! Go with your passion and go with what you know.
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    Find A Mentor. Every successful entrepreneur has a mentor.  Find someone who has already had the same or similar small business success you seek. It’s important to find people who have experienced what you want to do and ask them to guide you in the right direction. A mentor can help you avoid a number of unnecessary and costly mistakes. By modeling after someone who has already created the small business success you want, you get the benefit of avoiding many of the challenges and pitfalls they faced. Make sure you partner with a mentor who can truly and truthfully invest in your growth as a business owner.

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    Get Clear on Your Goals. A small business success plan begins with defining your goals. Your small business should be built on the goals you want to accomplish. Why do you want to launch a business? What do you want to accomplish? What will building a successful business provide for your life? To have more money? To be able to spend more time with kids? To pay your monthly bills? To serve ad help others? In addition to knowing your WHY, you must know the HOW as well. How many “units” will you have to sell or “clients” will you have to acquire to meet your monthly revenue goals?

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    Get A Support System. Your first business will be an experience to say the least and you always want to have a support system of like-minded individuals to lean on. Building a successful business is a process. There will be ups and downs, failures and success and it will be great to have lots of supportive people in your corner. Whether it’s your family or a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, it will be to your benefit to have people who understand your drive, passion and vision.

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    Be persistent. If your first small business idea doesn’t pan out or you find your progress is slower than you expected, keep pushing forward. Do not give up on your dream of entrepreneurship. If things are not going as planned, it’s not that your idea is not great, it’s that you may just lack the skills, training and marketing know-how to fuel the momentum you need to drive profits.

The most important thing to understand is that small business success takes time, dedication, consistency and a lot of hard work. Be prepared for the ride of your life but always remember the reason behind your decisions to start a business of your own. Your goal is to work smarter, not harder. This will allow you to build a profitable, thriving business that impacts not only your life, but also the lives of others.


Regards and Blessings to you,
Jack McLaughlin


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  • Very interesting Jack and will check out that site as sounds like it could be very helpful.

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    Great tips and I'm sure it will be very beneficial for people to be successful in their business. I have shared your post Jack and thank you for sharing this in the community today. Have a great day and congratulations on being featured member today on IBOtoolbox. I wish you continued success in all you do.

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