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How To Make Soda With SodaStream

How To Make Soda With Sodastream
How To Make Soda With Sodastream
Make Your own Soda with the Genesis Soda Maker from SodaStream delivers a designer look for less. Its trim line gives it desirable proportions for smaller kitchens and is decor friendly.
With a SodaStream home soda maker and supplies, you can turn water into sparkling water and soda in seconds. No batteries, no electricity, no clean-up. Finally, you can enjoy your favorite soda with bottles or cans with SodaStream. Save lugging, save storage, save the environment and save money with SodaStream!
Set Includes:Genesis Soda Maker1 BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle with fizz preserving closures1 Carbonator to make up to 60-liters of fresh, fizzy soda or seltzer. If you like plain seltzer, flavorful water, making your own syrups, or aren’t super fussy about your soft drinks type, SodaStream is a superb product.
It’s so simple and convenient – we fill the containers with strained water, carbonate, and chill. Sure, it’s not going to flavor exactly like your famous labels of soft drinks and if you buy it with that anticipations, you will be dissatisfied.

 SodaStream is the largest manufacturer, provider and marketer of House Carbonation Systems.

Our manufacturers are sold in over 50,000 suppliers in 42 countries such as home & electrical appliance shops, hypermarkets, markets, shops, markets, DIY, specialty and “green” shops, water specialists & traders, as well as online.
Our traditional and deep history goes returning to 1903, when we introduced innovative solutions to the drink industry. We increase as industry commanders in both technological enhancements and the excellent of our products.
The SodaStream program enables consumers to carbonate water and to flavor bubbly drinks at home as an alternative to purchasing pre-packed containers or containers. This has many important benefits to the consumer such as benefits and no hassle with containers.

The advantages of SodaStream’s House Carbonation System

No need to carry heavy containers from the shop. The SodaStream program is simple to use and requires no battery power or electricity.
SodaStream is an “Active Green” solution that reduces the huge eco-footprint caused by the manufacture, transport and waste of plastic containers.
SodaStream offers over 100 tastes to suit everybody’s flavor. Regular, diet, natural, spicey tastes, ice tea, energy drinks, sport drinks, pick-me-up and many more.
Space Saver
No need to shop containers of drinks or clear containers for recycle at home withSodaStream.
Make drinks just the way you really like them… more pockets, less pockets, more gratifying or lighter, even create your own flavor with SodaStream!
Family Fun
The program is simple and simple to use. It’s fun for everyone and kids just really like it!
Value for Money
Excellent benefits compared to pre-packed bubbly water and drinks.
Fulfillment Guaranteed
SodaStream drinks makers are of extremely top excellent and consist of a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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Comment by Timothy Eller on July 30, 2013 at 4:03pm

Glad to know I could help Angela

Comment by Angela Valadez on July 30, 2013 at 1:22am

Thanks for sharing about SodaStream  Timothy!  Learned something here. Liked and Shared.

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