Every year hundreds of thousands of people dive headfirst into a brand-new business or brand-new industry with the hope of financial and personal success. Unfortunately success is fleeting for most.

Just take a look at these staggering numbers:

  • Real estate agents have a 90% failure rate.
  • Insurance brokers have a 92% failure rate.
  • Network marketers have a 97% failure rate.

Small businesses in general have a 98% failure rate.

The obvious question is “why is failure so common?” Let’s try to boil it down to a few basic things: 

  1. People who enter these industries buy into a huge amount of old-school, antiquated business-building systems that simply don't work as well as they used to.
  2. All of these industries attract many first-time entrepreneurs… but hardly any of them prepare a first-timer adequately for the necessary shift in their mind-set that they need in order to succeed.
  3. There's a huge amount of competition out there in each of these industries… and most entrepreneurs and first-time business owners have no idea how to differentiate themselves from everybody else in the crowd.

So the obvious question is, how do I become one of that 2 to 10% to actually succeeds?

Well I have some answers. You may not like them, but if you're after success, you need to do a little work. Check out today's video for some more insight into how to overcome these she was failure rate statistics in your business.

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