How to Properly Care for Your Fish Pond

For the fishing people.

If you're planning to build a landscape at your own
yard, it wouldn't be complete without an oasis of
calming effects - a fish pond. Imagine coming home
bushed up with your tiring day and you just wanted to
sit by your pond and breathe a sigh of relief.
Relaxing isn't it? Although, you can't take it all up.
There are things that you have to think of regarding
the proper care and maintenance of your fish pond.

A fish pond requires a lot of thing. When seasons are
changing, especially during crucial times like winter
and fall, special kinds of attention are needed by
your pond and the things living inside it. Worry not,
because when summer comes, every single chore and hard
work will payoff quite nicely.

What are the important materials and tools that you'll
generally need?

* Pond filter - basically, to filter every ounce of
dirt in your pond

* Fish food - to keep your fishes alive (obviously).
If you're thinking about giving your fishes fresh
drinking water, that'll be redundant.

* Leaf netting - to ward off falling leaves. Leaves
can make your pond look more like a garbage disposal
than a tranquil landscape.

* Plant fertilizer - a fish pond wouldn't be complete
if there are no plants for they provide additional
nourishment to the fish. In the absence of fish food,
plants can be a good food substitute. That is why, it
is important that plants are fertilized to grow

Other materials that can be used, occasionally, are
the water de-chlorinator and the floating de-icer.
Below are the needed procedures.

Step # 1

Before you turn your filter on, make sure that it is
working properly and is clean. Once the filter is on,
you'll notice that unwanted debris is being flushed
out. Thus, making your pond spiffy clean. Clean you
pond filter at least once a week.

Step # 2

Feed the fish. Be sure it's fish food. Just by
determining the water and weather temperature, you can
know when or how many feedings or what kind of fish
food should you give. If the temperature of the water
is more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, feed at least
three times daily. During spring, feed your pets cold
fish food then change it to a high protein diet the
moment the water reaches a warmth of 70 degrees
Fahrenheit. These will give them sufficient nutrients
to carry through the years.

Step # 3

Fertilize your plants at least thrice a week. If in
doubt, follow instructions given out for every plant

Step # 4

Place the leaf net just above the pond to keep the
leaves from falling in your pond. Leaf netting is very
important especially during autumn when trees tend to

Step # 5

Use the floating de-icer especially when the weather
gets cold to prevent the water inside the pond from
freezing. This will enable your fish to receive
appropriate amount of oxygen needed during winter.
Another alternative is to cover the fish pond with a
thick tarp, straw and plywood that can help to provide
proper insulation.

Step # 6

Drain the water inside the pond when spring comes.
While you're at it, scrape off all dead debris and
sludge. A clean pond will help your fish be healthy
and at the same time prevent the growth of bacteria
that can cause diseases in your fish.

Proper maintenance and care of your fish pond will
both be an advantage for you and your fish.

Timothy Eller

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  • Your welcome Merle.

  • Thanks Timothy, I have struggled for a few years now with my fish pond with one thing or another.  Bought everything I needed but still had problems.  Have now drained it and going to start afresh now.  Thanks for the tips.

  • Thanks for sharing Terri!

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    Thanks Timothy for the education on how to care for your fish pond. Shared via Syndication Automation, Google plus and Pinterest. Have a great week ahead. Keep up the great writing.

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