How To Set Goals In Your MLM Business

goal image 2So many business owners hear this but a lot of them don't do this. I'm guilty myself for not setting Goals in my MLM business, but recently I found a new way. In this blog post I will show why you need set Goals in general to build your network marketing business.

Why so many Network Marketers Don't set goals? This is such a great question and the answer is that too many think I'd unnecessary. They think that they can go on their daily tasks and get them done because of the training they have received or just experience. The reality is that if you are doing the same thing over and over you are going to get the same results.

Too many business owners play around on the internet, check their email 50 times per day, go on Facebook 15 times per day, check out other websites 15 times a day etc etc etc. The point is that these same people that do this are most likely not getting any results but they seem to do this on a daily basis. There is only one way to end this problem.

Setting Daily Goals will keep your day organized and focused so that you can finally have some success. The reason I say some today imagesuccess is because setting goals is only the first step, you need mindset to keep this going. The best thing to do is to set an attainable goal that you Believe you can achieve. If you plan on being on Facebook for 1 hour a day to check emails and prospect then set that goal. If you want to connect with 10 new people on Facebook to show them your network marketing opportunity using a tool, set that goal.

You see, setting goals that you Believe in will motivate you to keep going. The main reason why most people lose their motivation on a task is because they never set any Goals. Another reason most people lose motivation is because they set ONLY 1 goal in the beginning of the year, ( most likely it's a HUGE goal far beyond their potential or belief ) and they don't set Daily, weekly or monthly goals. Not setting Goals is like trying to follow a lost puppy dog, where are you going?

I'm going to share a story from a book "The Magic Of Thinking Big". A lady was diagnosed with cancer shortly after having a child. After the devastating news all she can think about is that she will not live long enough to see her child grow up nor see her child graduate from college. After the doctor only giving her 6 months to live, she set a goal to see her child graduate college. To shorten the story she took what the doctor said 6 months and set a goal to live long enough to watch her child go to college. That 6 months turned into her living 20 years and achieved her goal. She watched her child graduate college then shortly after she died.

Goals keep people alive, the person that is a coach potato sitting in front of a TV all day with no goals dies much quicker than someone with a Goal. The same applies with your business, Goals keep you motivated to get through the 20 "NO's", you are Crazy, no one makes money in those things, etc etc etc. The reason why most give up is because they Don't have any Goals set for what they want and if they do have Goals, it's way off in thier Belief that they never get it.

I love this quote from the book "Use Goals to live longer. No medicine in the world-and your physician will bear this out-is as powerful in bringing about long life as is the desire to do something".

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  • Love your post George. I have recently found goal setting to be important myself. Your post has fantastic tips! Liked and shared.

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