How to Turn Pinterest into a Full -Time Job

Take your love of social media to the next level
Do you love to use social sharing websites? if you answered yes then you may be interested in learning how you can earn a living using one of the most popular visual search discovery tools on the web called Pinterest. 
The site receives over 200 million people a month from all over the globe. 
Curate Your Favorite Things
The best thing about Pinterest is that you can curate your favorite things all in one place. You can save inspirational boards and motivational ideas on any subject you like.  An example includes recipes, decor ideas, party planning and beauty tips.
Find out How to Make Money with Pinterest
Today I want to talk about how many are secretly earning a full-time income from home using Pinterest. In this article, you will learn how you can get started making money today pinning images on Pinterest theme boards.
Learn About How Pinterest Works
Pinterest is a collection of visual images and the best way to get these photos on boards is to sign-up for an account using your email address. Once you have an account you can start pinning pictures from a variety of topics and categories. 
Each photo that you pin to a board will have a link that leads to a website or blog.  You can pin photos from other people's blog and you can pin photos from your own blog.
This is the secret ingredient to making money on Pinterest.
You will want to start your own niche specific blog. Create articles on your blog and add big beautiful pictures on each blog post you make then you will want to recommend a product or service related to your article. Then pin the photo from your blog webpage onto Pinterest. This will give you the opportunity to reach a larger audience of readers, who will click on your photos and visit your blog. 
Best Ways to Get Paid on Pinterest
To get paid to post on Pinterest you will want to add affiliate links to your blog. I suggest you recommend products that you have personally used from sites like Amazon, eBay or Clickbank this way you will earn a commission from each sale made from your blog.  How it works is that you will get traffic and visitors from Pinterest to your blog posts, that traffic will click on your recommended affiliate links and then you will earn money every time someone buys a product online. The strategy also works with pay-per-click ads like Google Adsense.
In Conclusion
The more time you spend pinning photos on Pinterest the more money you can make. This is how you can turn Pinterest into a full-time job and earn residual income online.
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