How To Use A Capture Page To Build Your MLM

capture pageI see a lot of people in the network marketing (MLM) industry use Capture Pages to build their business online but some are NOT seeing the conversions from a Prospect into an Opt-In Lead. Some companies are making statements that their professional Lead capture pages are getting an Opt-In rate of 20-30% and although that maybe correct most people are not seeing that. In this blog post I'm going to show you how you should use your Capture Page to convert prospects into Opt-In leads.

The definition of a Lead Capture Page

Some refer these pages as a Squeeze page, Landing Page or Lead Capture Page either way all those terms mean the same thing. The purpose of a Lead Capture Page is to collect information from a prospect in exchange, giving them what you PROMISED you would give them on the other side of that page. It starts off usually with an Ad online that you would find in places such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Craigslist, PPC or any other form of advertising and the content would give the prospect hopefully what they are looking for. The prospect clicks on the link and they land of your Lead Capture Page and the content should be congruent to the Ad online. At this point if you have what your prospect is looking for they will enter their information to find out more information. In order for this to work you need to understand Target Marketing which I cover this in this post - Click Here

Now that you know what is the definition of a Lead Capture Page and what it's used for, I'm going to cover what most network marketers do with this tool. What I'm going to expose is what I call ABUSE of this powerful tool when it comes to converting Prospects into Leads. I see a lot of network marketers, ( I'm guilty of this as well at one point ), they start a dialogue with a Prospect, find out that they are open to the opportunity then they get a Capture Page sent to them. This is by far the biggest mistake anyone could ever do when they are speaking to a prospect before seeing what you have to offer.

If you want to scare your prospects away then send them your capture page after speaking to them, but if you want more conversions to your Capture Page do what I outline next. When you speak to a prospect and find out that they are open to looking at your opportunity, send them what you PROMISED them. If you promised a video, PDF e-book, an invitation to live meeting, a live webinar etc etc etc, send that. Think about this for a minute, you already have their name and when they ask for more information, in your process you should be asking for their email address and their phone number. Why would you send a capture page to someone that has giving you all this information? It's rude and prospects get turned off because they know they going into some kind of sales funnel and get emails every two seconds. The last thing a Prospect wants is MORE EMAILS about something they don't know if they two business man smilingwould be interested in.

Once you are speaking to a prospect whether it be, face to face, Facebook Chat, Google Hangout, Skype etc etc etc and they are open to more information send them MORE INFORMATION NOT YOUR STUPID CAPTURE PAGE. The problem with most network marketers is that they ARE LAZY, they want to send traffic to a Lead capture Page and convert Prospects to Leads then to sign ups. Reality check, IT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN THAT WAY! Statistics show that only 13% of Prospects will sign up with you NOT present, the other 86% will sign up with YOU PRESENT! So having the information tells you that a Capture Page should only be used to drive traffic to an offer to your Target Audience then getting in contact with them to see if what you have is a fit for them. And if you talk to your prospect and they want more information, send them what you are offering NOT your CAPTURE PAGE! Now if you don't have a way to send your prospect the sales page ( what you see after you opt-in ), make sure you let your prospect know that what you are sending is a page that's going to ask them for their information. Let them know that you HATE SPAM and you are sure they would hate it as well, if the information they see is NOT a fit to go ahead and unsubscribe to the emails they receive.


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