network marketing toolsHave you ever noticed the array of tools that are available to you to properly introduce your network marketing company to others? Yet so many network marketers bypass the tools to explain the business to others. Although some prospects want the information explained to them, in this blog post I'm going to show you how to use the tools to share your business with others.

It's very common to peek a prospects interest about your opportunity and they would say something like this " So what is it?" This is a question that gets network marketers teeth cringe and knees knocking together. In reality, it's NOT your pitch that gets that question to come out of your prospects mouth, it's how you answer that question that will get your prospect to want more information.

So many business owners are taught several ways to pitch their prospects about their opportunity such as, "if I can show you a way how you can spend more time with your family", "do you keep your options open when it comes to making more money?", "can I show you a way to make money without interfering with what you are doing now?", etc etc.

Now all of these approaches are very very good but it almost always leads to your prospect responding "So, what is it?". Imagine you were to pitch your prospect with a script that would lead them to say "So, how do I get more information?" Now this blog post is not about how to prospect using scripts but I want you to understand that getting a question "So, what is it? or So, what is this all about?" can lead you to your next script.

Want to know what it is? Before I get in to that most network marketers will then answer that question and start to EXPLAIN the network marketing concept, the company product, how they can make money with the company etc etc. The best way to answer this question is to say "Sounds like you want more information, here is a DVD, here is a CD, or what is your contact information as I will send you a video". This is the best way to answer that question. Why? Because your prospect now is left wondering what the heck is this all about. They can't wait to see that DVD you lent them, hear that CD you lent them or waiting for that email.

Your prospects WANT control, they have a microwave mentality but Leaders Lead not answer ALL the questions. Leaders are NOT the source of ALL the information but LEAD others to the right information. I love this quote from Albert Einstein "I Don't Memorize What I Can Look Up". So how is this statement relevant to what I'm covering here?

Good question. Your prospect asks "So, how do you get paid from this company?". Now even though you know thebusiness man handing out dvd answer, don't give them control. You can answer something like this, "Well, there is a video that explains how you get paid from my company". Here is another one, "How many different packages that I can purchase and what's the difference between all of them?". Now you are NOT an expert say something like this, "Well, there is a video that explains all the different packages available to you and what benefits you will get on each of them".

By now you should get my point here. Don't let questions like "What Is It" kick you in the stomach, invite that question to give them a tool for more information. It's been professionally done for you so that you can share your opportunity effectively and keep it SIMPLE. The perfect way to build a team is to show them that your business is DUPLICATABLE and your prospects are watching you. If you become this expert they feel they have to be an expert, but if you show them that this business is SIMPLE they will say "I Can Do This". And if your prospect insists that you explain your business, either LET THEM GO or give them your website and tell them what to do.

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  • Great Video as well.

  • Excellent and informative article George.  Thanks for sharing this wealth of information.  Liked and Shared.

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