How Well Do You Know Your Business?

For my team call this week, I prepared a series of 30+ questions.   The questions asked about our products, prices, and commission we were paid.  I also asked several questions about network marketing in general.  Some of these would apply to other companies besides my own Xpress Healthcare business.

First, I must say that we had a very small group on the call.  Due to the horrible weather in places, power outages in a variety of places and the Olympics being televised, there were very few team members in attendance.

I asked a few questions that had no right or wrong answers. 

  • I asked team members to share something they did during this past week for which they were proud of themselves.  No one had an accomplishment to report.
  • I asked when they forced themselves to step out of their comfort zone to perform a task, how did they congratulate themselves for their success?  One team member shared a good story.
  • I asked if anyone had accomplished a goal they had set for themselves during the past month, and if so, what was it.  No responses.


We market discount plans, and each plan contains several benefits.  Some of the questions were about which benefits were included in a particular plan.  The responses were mixed.  The team members knew some, but no one knew them all.

My questions included how much we are paid in residual commission on specific plans.  Again mixed answers.  No one person knew them all.

When I asked about limitations to particular plans, they knew the answers to two of the five questions.

Here’s a question for all of you reading this… What is the average amount of time it takes a rep to learn everything there is to know about your company’s products, business opportunity and the business itself?  If you answered with any number, you are wrong!  It is impossible for anyone to learn everything there is to know about their business.  The most important thing is if you cannot answer a prospect’s question, do you know exactly where to find the correct answer?

For this reason, I recommend to my team members that they review their own marketing websites to see what their prospects see, and research their “back office” to learn how to navigate it and where they will find information they need when they need it.

I was surprised to learn that no one on the call knew where our company operates.  We are a US-only company, but we do not promote our products in five states due to laws in those states.  I believe this is a very important fact to know, and I suggested that those on the call learn them – memorize them!

I also asked for the advantages of network marketing over a traditional business.  They came up with several good answers.

I sent out the list of questions to team members.  I plan to repeat this call in the future to see whether team members studied and learned the information about which they were not knowledgeable. 

So, how about you and your team members?  Do they know all the basics?  Do you?  Do you and they know where to go for answers besides their sponsor?

I learned a lot from the call last night, and it told me the areas in which I must do more training.  So while it was a little disappointing, it was a great lesson for me to have learned.

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  • Thanks for all your kind feedback.  I have two team calls a week, and because of what I learned from Monday's call, my Thursday calls will be product review in detail.  (We have lots of products, so it will keep us going for several weeks at least.)

  • Thanks Julie and it is surprising how many people don't know a lot about their business.  I will always search google or youtube if I want to know anything and when I started reading your paragraph about knowing everything I already had the answer in my head before I finished reading.  Great post and thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks, Julie.  This is a very insightful view of what we know about our businesses.

  • Thanks Julie!

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    Sounds like your team meeting was educational and beneficial for you and your group. Julie you are a great leader and this is why everyone will succeed because they have you. I know the next meeting will be better as you are expecting it to be. Shared and liked so more can read and learn from it. Have a great day Julie.

  • Thanks for sharing this information with us Julie.  Many make the mistake of trying to sell things they know nothing about themselves.  It's important to stay informed so that you can inform.  This is truly a wake up call.  Liked and Shared.

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