3818712626?profile=originalDetox Symptoms while drinking Redox Signaling Molecules is the follow up to my previous post where I explained the role of Oxidative Stress Mechanism within our body.


You now decided to nurture your body with redox signaling molecules as you understood that these reactive molecules will empower the body to heal itself.


Fine, you started with the recommended dose of 4 oz a day. And then happened something totally unexpected to you… You experience detoxification effects, although not everybody will  be involved with it.


What does this detoxification process or the detox symptoms mean?


You may find that the detoxifying process causes you to suffer the old symptoms. Symptoms you have had in the past and the body has suppressed.

You may think that you are becoming ill. Yes, “you may think”… Don’t worry, go ahead drinking your molecules rich water so that the detoxifying process can continue. Further more it is very important that you do not take any medications to help with the symptoms.

Purpose is to flush out chemicals form the body, not to introduce more.


A so called healing crisis occurs when the body tries to expel toxins at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of.

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