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Human Farming The Story of Your Enslavement

Human Farming The Story of Your Enslavement

By Franco Gonzalez


Human Livestock Management (Human Farming)The Story of Your EnSLAVEment…


Isn’t it time for us all to WAKE THE HELL UP!??Let’s Band Together and Help Others Break Outof The Human Slavery Matrix…

The reason you’ll never get ahead is because youare in a system that by design works againstYOUR prosperity……….period.

It’s been set up against you since the beginningof civilization… it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

It’s NOT your ancestor’s fault!!!

It’s NOT your countryman’s fault!!!

The deck was stacked against you and yourpeople from the dawn of “organized human farming…”

We have all been played like pawns, peasants andserfs on “their” chess board and we were NEVERgiven the TRUTH of “the rules.”

Here’s the secret play…

You can not destroy their game…

But we can get together and teach ourselveshow to use THEIR rules and THEIR systemto our collective advantage…

It’s how we set people free.

You can use their evil system, to your advantage, if you know how towork around it and band together… with other like minded peopleand UNITE in strength… when you do this – it’s absolutely magicalhow fast you can help people break the chains of modern day bondage.

Remember The 8 Year Old Child We All Were That KnewThat Life Was A Magical and Joyful Adventure?

Whatever you do, never let that little 8 year old freedom fighter die.

The Magic and the “Everything is Possible” Mindset of that Child Lives Still Inside Us All… Let that wonder carry you… 


The Secret is To Find Other Free Thinkers…

People who focus NOT on the misery of the situation but on its solutions…

Find those people…

And escape into your freedom….


TO LOCATE LIKE-MINDED FREEDOM FIGHTERS and begin a whole new education to freedom now…



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