I am Grateful for this Gift of Life

The Daily Meditation 11.23.2013

I am Grateful for this Gift of Life

Eva Gate’, Practitioner II Student


There is only One Being out of which comes all Creation, Ideas, Thoughts, Manifestation, Energy, Love, Harmony, and Peace.  It is called God.  All that is known and unknown comes from Divine Mind of God.  God creates out of Itself the multiplicity of Forms, Ideas, Visions that fill the vast Universe with Its Glory and Magnificence.  God through Divine Mind creates eternally in multiple forms and fields.  The Universe is the Body of God, The One Being, Omnipotent, All Knowing and All Pervading. 

 As the spiritual creation of God’s Love and Its Desire to express Itself, I came into this world to serve and to learn love in its many forms.   There is only love in this world.  Love is who we are.  Love is what we leave behind.  Love is the thread we leave behind that connects us all with God. 

I am one with God within, the perfect whole and complete being, and God without, experienced as the world I live in.  I am one with peace, harmony, love and freedom to be God expressing.  I create my challenges and experiences.  When I have a challenge and I can wait long enough and get clear, I experience the gift of understanding myself better.  I now understand the gift that is given to me by what seemed to be an unhappy experience.   I learn from all of my experiences in life.   My Science of Mind community is a place for me to grow spiritually in a practicing spiritual community.  I know within me exists the perfect self, a whole complete and perfect aspect of God that I share with the world daily.   

I am grateful for my life experiences, the opportunities to grow, to be alive to share my gifts and to learn to be.   I am grateful for this gift of life. 

I release my word into the Law for action.  I know that it is in action now and will not return null and void.   And so it is.

Eva Gate’ is a Practitioner II Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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