I am One with Spirit and I Embody my Divinity

The Daily Meditation 2.08.2014

“I am One with Spirit and I Embody my Divinity”

Laura Maness, Practitioner I Student


Father of All, Source of All Love, Spirit of All Life and Holy of Holies, called by many names, recognized in the hearts of children…God/Spirit/Goddess IS. Without beginning, without end, without boundaries of any kind. Spirit is timeless, ever present, always available, forever loving and accepting of all Her forms. God inspires all life, all choices, all things of Her children’s making – like a proud parent with a refrigerator door full of “art”, God experiences through these creations with love.

I am a child of God creating consciously by using the Principles of Life. I am Spirit manifesting, perfect in God’s image, in a body I have created in order to experience Life. I am love. I am received. I am timeless, ever present, available and accepting of Life in all It’s forms.

I paint this life and march to my own music created by my ever-growing consciousness and presence. I carry God within. I see for God. I am Her hologram and therefor perfect. I can be nothing else. I am strong and open to life’s experiences, surrounded inside and out by the Holy Spirit who does not make mistakes. I know that my art hangs on God’s proverbial “door”. I am loved completely, without exception whether it’s my best work or just my best attempt. I am the colors God sees though my uniqueness. The music of my life is ever building to a beautiful symphony as I experience new things and bring it back with God. I am creating my own, unique, and beautiful life without fear of failure or being “less-than”. I am ME. I AM. I am a part of the Glory and can never be separated from it no matter what I do or am. My intention is to give God a great experience as me. I do not judge myself. I have nothing to fear. I approve of myself knowing God makes no mistakes and I am One with Her. I declare that our palette is One of perfection and goodness blended into a unique being that is me and Holy Spirit.

I am so grateful to know that I am exactly as I am meant to be right now. I am grateful that I have the power to make changes, experiment and still be a part of God’s perfect plan. Thank you, thank you Holy Spirit for loving, as me, now in this minute, unconditionally with an open heart. I am so happy to be aligned with what I know to be the Truth of Life. Thank you for the freedom to be, to learn, and to grow and to know that the whole process is perfect.

I release this prayer. With these words I sing them out into the ether, through time and space and straight to God’s “ear”. I anchor these words of self love and acceptance into the Law where they are safe, strong, and cannot be dismissed. And so it is.

Laura Maness is a Practitioner I Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

***If you have a prayer request please email it to prayer@rgcsl.org ***

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