The Daily Meditation 2.09.2014

“I am so Grateful for the Infinite Abundance of the Divine”

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister


I recognize the One Loving Source, the All-That-Is, expressing Itself in all variations and possibilities. The diversity in nature and in people speaks to the infinite expressions of the Divine. And God is the Divine Vibration of all things, of all beings, of all places, of all times. God is creative and powerful, manifesting infinitely.

And I am an expression of the Divine. My life is an out-picturing of Source. I am filled with the love and energy of the Divine. There is no separation between God and me. I am one with the I AM.

From this place of alignment, I speak the truth for myself. I am in the flow of the Divine, which is expressing as my life. So I have access to the Infinite Warehouse of intelligence, creativity, possibilities, and abundance. All my needs and desires are met by the Divine. So I release my sense of control and constriction and allow the Spirit to take over. I welcome Divine Guidance and Right Action and step forward confidently into the life I am meant to have. I surrender all to the Divine.. I release the need to know how and rather focus on my trust in the Divine. I free-fall into the arms of the Divine knowing that all my needs and desires are manifesting now.

I am so grateful for the Infinite Abundance of the Divine. I’m grateful to lay my burden down and receive the loving support of God. I am thankful for the peace of mind and abundance that are already mine.

So, I trust the Divine to do Its business. I am done with mine. So I release this prayer into the Law, knowing that I have spoken my word and it is done. And so it is.

Rev Martha Quintana is Senior Minister at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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