I Am Truly Blessed

The Daily Meditation 1.04.2014

I Am Truly Blessed

Kamatara Johnson, Practitioner II Student

Kamatara Johnson

I recognize the presence of the One Loving Source, the All-That-Is, expressing in this life as we know it. This Divine Vibration is God, and God is all love, creativity, order, and harmony. God is the abundance in the unlimited potential of the universe.

And I am one with God. I am aligned with the Divine that is the presence and power within me, that expresses as me. There is no separation as I behold my whole and complete self, perfect in the One Loving Source.

In this place of knowing, I affirm the Truth. I know that I am Divinely guided as I release what does not serve my best and highest good and I accept what does serve my best and highest good. With complete confidence, I allow the Divine flow out and in. I welcome new opportunities from expected and unexpected sources. I open myself to consciously expand in my own expression of the Divine. I open my mind and heart to the unlimited potential that is mine. I am strongly rooted in the Divine and my path is clear.

I give thanks for the loving support and comfort of the Divine. I’m so thankful for how the universe is stacked in our favor, ready for blessings all the time. I also give thanks for Science of Mind that gives me the tools to deepen my conscious expression of the Divine that outpictures as my life. I am truly blessed.

So, I surrender this prayer to Divinity and allow its manifestation to be complete and perfect. With great confidence, knowing that my word is already active in the Law, I release it and let it go. And so it is.

Kamatara Johnson is a Practitioner II Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

***If you have a prayer request please email it to prayer@rgcsl.org ***

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