I Forgive Easily and I am Easily Forgiven

The Daily Meditation 09.15.2013

I Forgive Easily and I am Easily Forgiven

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister


There is One Eternal Life.  This Life has no beginning and no end, it always was and always will be.  Time cannot define or confine and this Life, that which I call God, makes Itself known in every living creature through all times and in all places.  I call on the Life right now knowing that It lives in me.

I live in this eternality.  Like Life, I contain all elements to live a full and perfect life.  I am grace, peace, happiness, health, beauty, goodness, and abundance.  I am the full happiness of Life and I accept this fully without reservation for myself and for all those people who read this prayer.

In this moment, I affirm and declare absolute good.  Any ideas I have that limit this good fall away never to return.  I stand in my own fullness of grace and recognize the truth of my being.  I live in love, perfect harmony with all my loved ones, friends, and community.  I speak my truth when necessary and witness the absolute perfection of other people’s lives.  I am a divine participant and observer in life.  I forgive easily and I am easily forgiven.

And so I give thanks for all of it – the good, the seemingly bad, and the indifferent.  I am so grateful for my own experience in this lifetime, for the love of all the good people who bring themselves to the Rio Grande Community.  I am so grateful for the love the people of this community have in their hearts and so happy that they tell everyone they meet about us.  I am glad.

My happy and glad heart releases these words knowing they cannot come back to me void; that this prayer is done. 

And So It Is.


Rev Martha Quintana is Senior Minister at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM

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