IBOToolbox: Expand your Business

IBOToolbox is a great place to Expand your Business.


It can be called a Business Social Network.

It is a place where many like-minded individuals network daily and share information.


IBO has many opportunities and benefits joined to it, along with the free advertising and traffic.  You have access to lead generation tools, live chat, screen share, ibotube (audio/video), url shortner, forums, as well as facebook apps.  And the most important feature is that it is 100% Free.


A place where people share information to help each other learn and grow.  Many of the people you will meet on this platform you will truly consider to be your friends.  It's not only a place of sharing, but caring as well.  The people here make a difference in the lives of others with the businesses and information shared.

It is both a pleasure and an honor to be "Featured Member of the Day" on this platform.  I believe it's the fourth time for me.  I would like to personally thank each of the IBOer's who like and comment on my articles.

During my time here on IBO I have made many friends and look forward to making many more.  The "IBO Spirit" is great.  This is where everyone reads, comments and likes your articles to the Social Networks, and you in turn do the same.

Be sure to take part in this Community and watch your business and personal life expand.

If you truly want more sales and traffic - Join IBO Toolbox for Free today! 


As it has been said: 

"You will never find another online marketing tool that even comes close to what IBOtoolbox will do for you on a daily basis."

Come on board today!  Click Here!

Angela Valadez
210 601 0267


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  • Thank you Sandy, Timothy and Merle.  Hope you're all having a great weekend.

  • Excellent post Angela and yes I love it !!

  • A great resource for exposure and networking,thanks for sharing Angela!

  • I agree Angela! IBOtoolbox is an awesome Marketing tool as well as Social Network. Thanks for sharing this and I will too.

  • Thank you Terri, and I'm truly blessed to be a part of Syndication Express as well.  A great weekend to you.

  • Top Member

    Congratulations Angela on your status as FMOD on IBOtoolbox. Thank you for being a part of the Syndication Express community. I have shared and tweeted your post as well. Have a great day and weekend.

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