If The Greedy Helped The Needy

I saw someone write "If the Greedy Helped The Needy, the world would be a better place". I know there are a lot of people that agree with this statement. I am not one of them.

My first thought is, "What is the definition of greedy?"

As a human being, we all want more. It is what drives us to move forward in our life. Because someone makes different decisions and are therefore rewarded with more from the universe, they are considered "Greedy".

Should a person that has a lot, just stop pursuing what they are doing, so that others can feel better about themselves?

I do understand what some are saying when they make this comment. Those that have a lot should help out the less fortunate. There is a difference between a "hand up" and a "hand out". This blog is directed to most that are looking for hand outs because they believe they are owed something or feel like they are not worthy.

So it depends on the mentality of the people with less. The best gift "the needy" can be given is a shift in their thinking. That is up to them.

Unfortunately most have a poverty mentality and are not open to change. They have allowed themselves to be programmed into believing, it is someone elses fault (the greedy) that they are where they are. This is where the shift has to occur.

When people recognize they are responsible for where they are, then a person that has "more" can share different ways of "thinking and believing" that can help them.

I remember the CEO/Founder of our company saying, "There are 2 things I will not do with you - quit or loan you money".

His point is money is not a persons issue. It is the relationship (the thought process) that a person has about money.

To blame others for your "lack of", will always keep you in a state of "lack of". It also defies the law of attraction. The law of attraction teaches that you attract what is in your life.

Lastly, thinking the "Greedy" in some way are keeping others from their dreams would mean you believe the universe has "limited resources". This belief destroys more dreams than any other.

So take responsibility for your life. You are the person that will take you from "needy", by changing your beliefs. Get your beliefs moving in the right direction and the right people to help you on that journey will show up. It's the law.

By the way, there are many people that started with lack that are very successful in every avenue of life. They took responsibility for their life and demanded change.

It ain't right. It ain't wrong. It's just my opinion.

Your Uplifting Partner
Ron "Simplified" Myers

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  • Thanks Ann Moses for your words of encouragement. I really like that word "WOW" - lol  Also thanks to you my friend Terri Pattio for your continued support. That "lack mentality" creates conversations that are poison to your system. You can tell by how they make you "feel" when you hear them. We both agree that "it is up to them" to change. Not expect the world to change for them. Enjoy

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    I'm sharing this post again because for the people who have a lack mentality that need to change their thinking and make a change in their life. It's got to start with them and getting rid of that lack mentality is the first thing that must be done. This is not going to be easy however it is up to them.

  • Thanks Terri for your words and for being you. You are awesome also my friend. Hello Alzora. I am a firm believer that skepticism is great. It keeps you from getting burned. I also understand that there is a difference between skepticism and being a pessimist. One checks things out and the other just looks for excuses. Now there are people that just have bad character. They don't care about others and sometimes it is not because of greed. They have personal issues that have not been resolved. I do appreciate your time, energy and perspective. Without different views, we can not grow. So thanks my friend and keep making things happen.

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    Woohoo Ron you are so on point with this post and I am surely going to share it everywhere. You are one awesome person, and continued success for you.

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