Imagine This....

Imagine This....

It's a typical Monday morning and you follow your normal Monday routine, whether is dragging yourself out of bed, dreading it's Monday or getting your family up and ready for work or school. Walk the dog, make breakfast, read the morning paper, tidy up and off everyone goes to their various destination, KNOWING that when the day is over you'll come home make dinner, maybe go out to eat, or stop by a friends house, etc. You arrive at work, chat with your coworkers, discuss what your work plans are for the day, ask how is the family. It's a busy Monday morning, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing you wouldn't expect, but only on this day, something is going to happen that is unexpected. You hear a sound, not sure if it's just normal operations going on, then you hear it again. Now, not only is a busy Monday morning, but it just turned into a chaotic Monday morning. People start running, screaming, taking cover, in fear for their lives.........Now there's police cars, SWAT Teams, FBI, Military personnel all over the place...........6 Confirmed Dead, 10 Injured. We just never know when our days can go from calm to chaotic. 

Please say a prayer for the victims' families and loved ones of the Navy Yard shooting that took place in Washington, D.C. this morning. Pray for their comfort, understanding and their healing. We don't understand why this person decided that it was his right to take his anger out on people just going about their daily lives, and we may never know, but we need to pray for his family as well. 
Until next post......Be Blessed, Be Inspired, Be Encouraged, Be Positive, Be Grateful


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  • How awful, my thoughts and prayers are with them.

  • My prayers are with them.

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    The person is just wicked and it is the work of the devil because he is no good. Yes prayer is needed for those who lost loved ones. I will share your post for you Carla.

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