It seems to not be enough time in the day to take care of all the things and events that need your attention? Instead of sitting down and making a plan to get them done, you just put them off and do them when you can. The only problem is these things keep piling up and then you start agonizing over how you are going to get them done. This is a red flag that says you need to organize your life so that you can create some kind of balance.


One thing you can do is evaluate and categorize your list according to priority and set a goal. Make a decision to get the job done. Make sure it's clear in your mind what you want your life to look like when your goal is met. Once you have clarity, create a time line. The time line should be for no more than a week at a time. Make a list of things you want to accomplish for the week. It is important to commit to whatever it takes to reach your goal. It is very important to stay focused on your goal. Don't be afraid to ask others to help you with some of the items on you list.  


A highly celebrated author, Steven Covey wrote in his best-selling book, Seven Principles of Highly Effective People, talks about beginning with the end in mind. You, attaining your goals, are about taking a snapshot of your life to see what the big picture looks like and them setting the appropriate priorities for your life. So, do everything in you power not to agonize over things that you can control. All you have to do is prioritize and then organize your life day by day.


To Your Success,

Kathleen Ayers


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