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This is powerful information and you must read it very carefully and take heed to every word I will be sharing with you today.

Why you need to read your company Policies & Procedures?

This is the #1 feature you must have in place for success:

Company management experience with integrity.

Why is it a must to read them?

Very simple answer.

It is your contract with the company.

If you can't find them on the website, it's a big red flag. Some companies say you can't read them until after you join. Big red flag.

Why are they ashamed of their P&P's? Why don't they want you to read them? The P&P's are YOUR contract to be in business with them - written by the company lawyers! Every time any distributor ever gets a termination letter, it says, "You have violated the Policies & Procedures." They never say you violated "Terms & Conditions." It's always "Policies & Procedures."

Most reps never actually read their P and P's. You need to do it ... it may really open your eyes. At least you'll know exactly what to look for and how to protect yourself.

Whether you are in network marketing or affiliate marketing, this is a must for you to do. YOU want to know what the company intends to do for you or against you.

If you need help with understanding the legal jargon that lawyers put in them, check out the link below:

MLM Training - More Gotcha Clauses To Watch For In P & P's

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  • Terri Thanks for sharing this article. This is really indeed a important must do.

  • Very interesting and agree that you must read before joining.  Thanks for this information Terri

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