Is Fear Holding You Back

Never Fear Empower Is Here

Never Fear Empower Is Here



Don’t Let Fear Of Criticism Hold You Back


Listen as Mike explains how this common fear will literally cripple people from having success online!



Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back


Have You Had A History Of Fear Of What Others Think ?



I know I’ve had a long history of that same fear of criticism my hole life.


It all started as a kid,my Mother was a single parent with very limited resources.


Being dirt poor like we were,times were tough…


So she took whatever breaks she could get,even if it meant moving around alot,and I mean alot!


I remember moving after one week at one point in time…


That really made it hard going to different schools.Being the new kid so many times meant I was always the new kid getting picked on and made fun of.


Guess that’s where I originally gained my fear of criticism and it stayed with me to this day.


I have learned to cope with time,but just like Mike,I struggle with it to this day.


How To Rid Yourself From The Fear Of Criticism


When it comes down to it,you just have to learn not to care what people say or think.


I know you want people to like you,but don’t sacrifice who you are and throw that fear out the window!


You are the person you were meant to be.Don’t be ashamed of who you are.There are more people like you than you realize.


You have more value than you think and there are people out there who need what only you can give them,do not let fear keep you from reaching your dreams.


I fight with this fear on an ongoing basis,the only difference is that I have learned to just think to myself,who cares if they don’t like me.


If they want to hear what I’ve got to say.


They can always walk away,exit the the page or just not read or listen,because I know with out a doubt that other people like me and want what I’m offering.


So if you have that fear or not,just take action in your life and business.


Don’t let fear hold you back any longer…


Timothy Eller


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