Is Gun Control the answer to our problem?

Gun control. No matter your stance on the subject. Gun control has become the big talk in the United States and rightfully so.

How can we as a nation protect our citizens? Will Gun control help? Maybe in a few ways. Having tougher gun laws will help. Extensive 

background checks will solve some of the problems but will not completely get rid of the problem. Why you say, well in all of history 

there has always been violence in every part of the world. There are some that do not respect the life of another. They take what they

want and do not care about lives. Evil people will always exsist. So the debate will go on, here's an idea. The right to bear arms is in

our constitution. It was put there for a reason, to provide our people with its own protection in case of attack. Either from other countries

criminals, or from our own government. Think back to the revolutionary war. What were our founding fathers fighting against. Why did they put 

this ammendment into our constitution? These are a few questions to ponder. 

The ban of semi-automatic weapons will help, no one needs these weapons, except the military who are trained to use them. But total 

ban of guns would be a devastating blow to our personal rights as citizens. When one fundamental right is taken away. there surely will

be more to follow. We do not live in a perfect world. There is no easy answers. What is your stance on this controversal subject? What is the best way to keep our people, especially our children safe?

Author: Christine Forsythe 
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    Yes it is sad that post are being monitored by these agencies as Lee spoke of, do we really have freedom of speech? Apparently not. I agree with Albert that the answer is LOVE and lots of it all around the world. Thank you Christine for writing this post, here's a hug and love coming at you.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments. Mr.Engle I have no doubt about this post and many other people;s post are being monitored, sad really. But I am not surprised.

  • I believe in adhearing to our Constitution and in the right to bare arms.  Our Constitution is under attack on so many fronts.  And, although there has been insufficient support for individuals like RON PAUL, I am a big fan of such individuals that hold fast to the original Constitution and the basic principles that are contained therein.  We must never let FEAR or TERRORISM rule the day.  More laws and enforcement can never change ones MORALS or ETHICS.  HATE can never extinguish HATE.  Love is the only answer.  We need to embrace victims of such tragedy with as much love and support as possible.  For the perpetrators of such crimes they should face trial by jury. 

  • Tough question - people take offense no matter what you say.  I agree - when the Constitution & The Bill of Rights were written, we had just suffered under the tyranny of a monarch and had we not had the weapons, we would not have either today.  John Adams supported the 2d Amendment for the very reason it is so needed today - to protect us from our own government when it gets tyrannical.  We've seen US citizens (& their families) killed by drone strikes in Yemen - without warrant, trial, conviction.  We've seen the Defense Appropriations Act of 2012 give the Pres the right to declare us terrorists and seize us, imprison us indefinitely - without warrant, without habeus corpus and without a trial.  The Agency I worked for for 20 years is now monitoring this very blog post whereas before I retired - we would have gone to jail for monitoring a US citizen.  If, I had a gun, I would not surrender it until after all these politicians force their body guards - yes - even the Secret Service to forfeit theirs.  Isn't it ironical that those who want us defenseless have armed bodyguards at all times?

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    Hello Christine this is a very informative and educational post. Sharing this all around for plenty more to see.

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