Is Paid Traffic Useful?

IS paid traffic any good? 

A question asked by many marketers . It can be useful .

Here are some Pros: Below

1.Can build leverage time

3.Reach the masses

4.Can double your investment .

Here are some Cons:

1.May not see the results you desire.

2. Can waste money

3. Traffic may be recycled

4.No guarantee 

My opinion.

Paid traffic sources such as Adwords Bing &Yahoo can result in massive traffic and high conversion rates. However Paid traffic is not guaranteed and your website must be able to maintain the paid traffic.

I do not suggest people buy paid traffic a replicated website. However I do recommend people  to use paid traffic on Blogs/Articles.

 Even a site Ibotoolbox, many of the traffic leaders do it to get the rank on IBO and create a good following .

What are your opinions readers.

Devin Liely "Esoteric Marketing"

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  • Thanks for sharing this valuable information about paid traffic. L&S

  • Good information, Devin.  Thanks for sharing it.

  • Thank you for sharing this information Devin.  All the best.

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    Thanks Devin for posting this information. I have shared on Facebook and tweeted.

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