Is there such a thing as 100% in commission Payouts?

 This is a question asked by many online marketers !!

 And the answer is YES …….

 Pure Leverage

These days many companies are now tied to affiliate marketing and you will find the word ‘affiliate’ attached to many large companies e.g. iTunes, Amazon, Mac App Store, Aweber and many others.  So why do they do this you might ask?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to market their products and services and a great way for online marketers to earn commissions.

These companies pay out in many different ways.  It could be rewarding you with points, discounts on certain products and services or a cash reward.  Ok yes the cash reward (commissions) is always a talking point and there are so many ways to earn this.

The new rave that people are talking about is Pure Leverage which not only launched its new products line to the world but they are paying out a whopping 100% in residual commissions back to their affiliates.

After researching I found that the usual payouts to an affiliate can be anywhere from 10-35%.  So how can a company pay out 100% in residual commissions?  Can it be possible?

GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) has been in business for over 10 years now and just recently, on March 4th 2013, released a new business model – namely Pure Leverage.

Will Pure Leverage be coming to a town near you to pay out 100% affiliate commissions?

Definitely a big YES.  This awesome suite of tools went Global overnight and put massive profits into the pockets of their affiliates immediately!

Now, if they pay out 100% commissions then this is going to leave the company with zero profits, right?   So then I had to do a bit of research on this as I wanted to uncover the truth about this compensation plan and the following is what I found out !!

The team at Pure Leverage have not only created a dynamite online tools suite that produces great results for business growth on the financial side but also in generating qualified leads for businesses wordwide.  For anyone that wants to become an affiliate of Pure Leverage they have a  lucrative compensation plan.  They have really put it all together to put massive income into the pockets of those affiliates.

For many of the affiliates that decided to market Pure Leverage within that first month have already exceeded $15,000 – $25,000 per month in residual commissions.  This is simple and unheard of and thousands are cashing in big time !!!

Let me tell you first of all that the Pure Leverage Tools Suie consists of products and services that are an absolute must if you want to get into profit and survive online, which makes this tantastic tool suite such an easy sell !  One of the key elements to this system is that there is no 3rd party.  GVO has created this powerful tool suite under Pure Leverage and they own it all ……..

Click Here To Find Out What You Get With This System…….

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