It’s All About The F Word …….Part 2

It’s All About The F Word …….


It’s All About The F Word …….Part 2


If you really want to stay FOCUSED on your business then there are a few strategies that you should take into consideration.


I am sure we are all guilty of multi-tasking at some time or another – I know I am guilty of that.  You open up your emails, your facebook, your twitter, your linkedin etc and for some reason you can’t seem to focus and keep switching from one to the other ……


Stop And Think !!


Firstly you need to stop multi-tasking …


It has been shown by researchers that people who try and multi-task are less likely to pay attention to the important tasks by being distraction with irrelevant information. You might think that you are getting things done twice as fast by multi-tasking…….NOT TRUE…….because the constant distraction means that you are much less productive than if you were to concentrate on just one task.


You need to make a list (preferably the night before) on all the tasks that you want to achieve for the following day and just focus on one at a time.  Allow yourself perhaps an hour for each but ensure that you stick to it before going onto your next task.  This is the key to being mindful and it will allow you to be in the moment and to remain focused on the task you are working on.  If you are working on that one task and your mind wanders to another task you have to do, just tell yourself ‘OK it is on the list’ and rid your mind of that thought.  If you think of a new task, just write it down quickly on a bit of paper and then forget about it until you finish your first task.  Stay focused ………


So just remember if you are working on that first task and you see an email or facebook message pop up, just forget about it and get your current task finished.  Then maybe allow yourself 10 minutes or so just to take a peek at those messages before getting onto your next task.  Not only will you complete your job much faster but you will be much happier and more focused.  It is probably better to just turn off these message notifications until you are ready to do these.


Task One Finished – Now Take a Breather !!


Close the door and forget about the outside world.  Set aside 5 minutes every morning to sit and relax in a chair and just breathe.  – yes that’s right, something we have to do to survive.  Your goal is to spend the whole 5 minutes staying focused on your breathing and not letting your mind wander.  Then just think about your breathing and remove all other distractions from your mind.  ‘Easier said than done’ you say – After enough practice your brain will begin to learn how to focus without becoming distracted and you will then be able to apply this new skill to other experiences.  Practicing mindfulness is the practice of being in the moment and with practice you will soon be able to train your brain to stay focused solely on that one task at hand.


If you find it hard to focus on just breathing in and out then try counting from 1-30 and then start counting again from 1 – you will probably still find that other thoughts come into your head but don’t worry as this is bound to happen when you first try this.  Then bring your focus back to your breathing.  You might think this sounds silly but it is an important part of your day.  For example when you see a swimmer or runner just about to start a race – why do you think you always see them taking deep breaths?  Yes they want to stay focused on the race…….                                                                                     

By doing the above you will soon be able to focus on your task in hand without getting distracted.  I also thought ‘how can this help?’ – but believe me it does ………..


Stay tuned for more strategies tomorrow …………..

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