John Grisham, author is the author of twenty-two novels, one work of non-fiction, a collection of short stories, and a novel for young readers.

He is on the Board of Director of the Innocence Project in New York and is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Innocence Project at the University School of Law.  He lives in Virginia and Mississippi.

His novel Confessions  explores the mind and habits of a sex molester of young women whom he rapes and murders, but  a detective with the police department arrested an innocent young man, Donte, who has been on death row for nine years.  His attorney does everything he can to try to exonerate him while  his sister who is a police officer searches for the real killer Travis Boyette.  All the twists and turns in the plot  keep the reader on the edge of suspense.

You might enjoy reading this well crafted work of fiction.


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  • Thanks for sharing the post Sandra, I have not read any John Grisham books, but wow thats a lot of words to put into 22 novels!

  • Merle and Terri,  Thank you for the kind words.  

  • thank you for sharing this information Sandra.

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    I am a fan of John Grisham books. Thanks for sharing his book with us Sandra. It's great to see you in the SE community.

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