Know Thyself – As Above, So Below

Know Thyself – As Above, So Below

For many thousands of years, much longer than two thousand, people have known of the connection between knowing self and knowing the creative spirit.

They knew from observation of the animals, the planets and stars that the unseen energy transforms into many, many forces and intelligences.  They knew also that they themselves were evidence of that unseen force.

They knew they were the One and the Many all at the same time.  The drop of water, that makes the ocean.  The leaf on a tree that makes the forest.

Without giving the force a name, they were grateful.  They depicted the many aspects of the great spirit in the way they knew, by characteristics of the animals around them.  They observed and saw the wisdom in the actions of animals.  Not that they worshiped them, but they used what we would call analogies.

Those ancient people observed their earthly, heavenly and spiritual environments.  They saw cause and effect and they celebrated in gratefulness for the produce of the land and sea.  They chiseled on their walls and wrote on papyrus the lessons they learned from their observations. They built monuments to the stars that caused the overflowing of rivers that fertilized their land.  As above, so below.

Those people knew that even though each person was different, they were all part of a whole.  That whole included everyone human, animal, the elements – everything in nature and even the celestial bodies.

We are now beginning to realize the things the ancients knew.  Self development gurus write entire books on how to develop into your better self.  Although there is some mention of ‘being generous and grateful’ most of the books are about ‘individuality’.  Competitiveness, winning, being a leader. It is for us to determine to be in balance in the universe.  That each of us as one, is part of many.

The truth is most of what we read in the books today, was chiseled into walls thousands of years ago in a pictorial language.  There is nothing new under the sun.

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  • I love your phrase, Bessie, "there is nothing new under the sun." Really says a lot. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking post.

  • Very interesting post Bessie, thanks for sharing.

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    Your post is very good Bessie and I have shared on Twitter and Facebook.

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