Law of Attraction – What Is This?

The Law of Attraction can be you believing in the incredible you and by doing so, start to attract like minded people to you!

You may have heard of the law of attraction, this mysterious force which allows like to attract like. Although it seems to be more of a myth than a reality, many people believe that this philosophy in some way plays a large role in their lives.

If you think about magnetism, and the attraction that certain metals have for each other, you have to assume that at some energetic level, especially with people that we meet, that this law of attraction is also working through our emotions and thought processes.


“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.” –Richard Bach


The laws of attraction, regardless of its origin, are based upon the belief that your thoughts originate from energy. It is this energy, along with your intention, that helps you to manifest certain things in your life.

There is the possibility that your attitude can play a large role in the people and
events that occur in your life. Unlike magnets that attract opposites, the laws of attraction seem to state quite the opposite.

If you have a positive personality, theoretically, you should attract positive happy people into your life. If you have a very negative or angry personality, you will
attract situations and people into your life that match this negative personality trait.

In order to see if this concept of like attracting like is actually real, you might want to do a meditation on the things that you would like to have in your life. Then, begin to modify your own personality in ways that will attract these things.


By  meditation on becoming more positive and enthusiastic you will be able to:

a.  Have more energy, get more things done, as well as have more time.

b.  Attract other positive, like-minded people.

c.  Tackle problems and get past obstacles faster and easier.

d.  Constantly reach your goals, have more self esteem and be healthy and strong.

Begin to eliminate negative feelings and emotions as much as possible, and see if positive events and people begin to show up. If your life changes dramatically as a
result of shifting your focus to more positive things, then the law of attraction may
very well be a tangible force in the universe that all of us can gain access to by
altering the way that we think and feel on a regular basis.

“I release all feelings of worry and guilt.” –Wayne Dyer

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